The Realities Of A Final Year Fashion Student

Final year is just eight months of craziness. A rollercoaster ride of emotions and not like anything I’ve experienced before. Throughout my time at school and in sixth form, I was always excited to start my next chapter. Unless my grades changed, I knew that what ever the next step was, that I had planned, was going to happen. However, being in your final year of uni is just a constant mix of excitement, to finish your degree, and the feeling of the unknown, as what is going to happen next. 

Pre-Covid final year always brought so much more excitement. The chance to finish uni and celebrate or  be able to graduate and have all your family and friends cheering you on. But, Covid life brings a whole new meaning to the word anti-climax. Although you’re excited to finish and have nothing left to do towards your degree, there’s no set celebration once you hand your dissertation in. I’m hoping there will be something small this year, as we’re heading into a post corona world. But, that still doesn’t change the craziness of the job world awaiting us outside. 

There’s so many things I mention in this post, I’m sure I could write a whole series on it. But, for now I’ll just keep it to three that are really relevant to my life right now… 

  1. The Job World 

If you don’t know much about the fashion industry, then the way to describe it is competitive. It may seem like all we do if flick through vogue or spend our time finding the next big trend. Although, both of these may be part of our job, there is SO much more to the fashion world. 

Recently, I’ve really stepped up my job search, in the hope I will get something secured for as soon as I’ve finished uni, or not too long after. So, now LinkedIn is officially my new best friend, and I’m obsessed with seeing if any new jobs have been posted. I spend my spare time scrolling for anything I can apply for and trying to stay optimistic that the right thing is coming my way. 

My advice for anyone who relates to this, is to stay positive, keep applying and think of ways you can stand out. 

2. The Assignment Guilt 

No matter what anyone says, assignment guilt is a real thing. It consumes your whole life, as you feel like you should be constantly working. Going on placement, and learning what times of the day I work best, has helped me to switch off this guilt, but its always there in the back of my head. 

I find the best way to combat it, is to find a space that you work well in. Give yourself set times of the day, or a set amount of time to get a certain job done. Then, when you complete that, you feel like you’ve accomplished something for the day. Also, I find having a part time job helps me to turn off from uni work and just focus on something else for a while. 

To be honest, I find the less time you spend over thinking the assignment, and the more you crack on with it, the more effective you work and the better the assignment comes out. 

3. The End Of A Chapter 

Whether uni has been for you or not, I think everyone has the sadness of this chapter of your life coming to an end. You’re finally going to finish education and start your career. It’s something you’ve been waiting for, for so long, but it has also seemed to come around so quickly.

For me, I know what I want to do and hopefully I’ll be able to find a job and get myself on that path. But, I also have lots of friends that have decided to do something different. Take their career in a different direction and that’s what is best for them. 

The most exciting part for me now, is that yes the chapter is ending but a new chapter is just about the begin. As much as the fear of the unknown is there, it is also exciting to think there’s so many amazing days to come.