20+ Small Businesses To Buy Your Next Face Mask From

In this new world face masks have become the new normal and we are all having to get used to integrating them into our everyday wardrobes. I know I am paranoid about forgetting one and so there’s one in my car, my handbag and just at home, in case I need to grab one.

There’s now so many different varieties and designs that are starting to pop up, and so many of them are from small independent businesses, that have really struggled during the lockdown period. There’s also so many people who have decided to use their creative skills for a good cause and handmade some gorgeous masks for us to buy from. Like two of the special businesses I’ve mentioned below, that are ran by two of my beautiful friends. Each of these made lovely pieces and deserve to be supported during this time. Just as much as every other independent does too. 

So, here’s my list of 20+ small independents that you pick up your next favourite masks from…

More than ever during this time, support the creators who are hand making every item you buy from them. From your purchase you’re helping someone pursue their dream, put food on their table or hep them invest in their new business. Shop independently and local, over large retail chains. 


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