Top 2020 Sneaker Trends

The trainer has had the biggest revival ever this year. They’re all over the catwalk, the high-street and feature in everyone wardrobe’s. They are now the go-to shoe and no matter what the occasion some form of trainer is now acceptable to wear. I personally love pairing a patterned trainer with a smart blazer, to create the perfect office outfit. Whether it’s a casual day look, a date night outfit or anything in between, a sneaker is the perfect day to night shoe. There’s so many different styles, trends and brands that you can spend ages trawling around to find the perfect style for you. So I thought I would share some top trainer trends this year to help guide you, but if you want any more inspiration you can head to where you browse all the latest styles. 


Neon is a trend that’s constantly going in and out of fashion. It reminds me of 80’s raves, fluffy leg warmers and a flashback in fashion. But now it’s had a massive revival and is being done in a fun, modern way. Think of pops of neon on the sole, laces and even the entire shoe, but in a simple and classic design. The Nike Air Max 270 React is a perfect example of this. It mixes muted neon trainers to take the classic Air Max to a new level. They would look great paired with a blazer and a graphic tee, or a distressed double denim look. 


This is a style that I would nerviest think I would be adding into my wardrobe, but it’s a style I’ve grown to love. Working for a fashion company and particularly in the shoes department, it makes you more conscious about what you’re putting on your feet and how to style them up for a casual office outfit. These are a style that only dad’s would have been wearing a few years ago, but Balencia broke the mould and make the chunky sneaker ridiculously fashionable again. There’s now a new era of the chunky sneaker with graphic sole’s, patterned laces and in tonal colours. The Nike RYZ 365 would be the perfect shoes to add to your collection. I’m loving the tonal colours, that will go with any outfit, and add a sense of class to any look. 


Until recently everyone wanted an interesting and stand out trainer, with different pattern’s and colours. However, to keep the sneaker truly timeless they’ve gone all white. That’s white sole’s, white laces and a full white shoe. It’s all the design detail without the unique colour’s or patterns. The best part about them is they are super versatile and gender neutral. They can be worn with anything, by anyone and at anytime. For a casual day out, casual office chic or even an evening out. 


In the early 2000’s high tops were everywhere and the high-street was full of them. Whether it was a classic high top Chuck Taylor or a Nike Jordan, and now they’re back. We are not only loving classic cup sole’s, and low cut trainers but also a sneaker that goes higher up the ankle. This time it’s gone platform, all white or all black and got a pop of colour with graphic lettering or heel patterning. I personally love pairing a classic high top with a wide leg boiler suit.  It’s the perfect comfortable but still put together look!


Pastels are always a really chic way to transition your wardrobe from winter into spring and start adding those lighter colours. So having a pair of pastel trainers would be a perfect way to automatically do this. It’s also a great way to add colour to your wardrobe overall, if you’re a lover of black and white. Its an easy way to throw on a colourful accessory with no need to worry about matching a whole outfit together. Get a bright or graphic pair and they can be the statement and you can just throw on some jeans and a tee to finish the look off. 


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