How To Stay Motivated & Still Reach Your Goals In 2020

Staying motivated is one of the biggest struggles I’m having at the minute. Maybe its because I’ve over lockdown and just need to get out and have a bit more normality in my life But, it’s a real struggle to get up everyday and get my work head on. Just to be able to switch on my computer and be able to fully concentrate and be just as productive as I am in the office, would be a dream. Just because we’re starting to get back to our normal routine’s, doesn’t mean we need to be our best selves everyday. I know I’m definitely not and actually finding it so hard to not beat myself up and remember this is a crazy time and I’m allowed to have off-days. I thought you might be feeling the same, whether you’ve been working at home for the last 10 weeks or getting ready to go back, here’s a few ways I keep myself motivated and ideas I want to try over the next few months to get me through working at home. 

This is something I’ve not get tried but I’ve seen so many people talk about it. Basically you create a visual board to represent goals or things you want to achieve throughout the next year. I think this would be perfect for me, as sometimes I get so caught up on the smaller details and everyday things, that I forget the bigger goal and what I’m working towards. Like when I do something wrong at work and beat myself up, I forget its all helping me grow and develop as a person and do better in my career. So if I had a quick vision board to look, during these times I really remember the reason behind what I’m doing. I also think it helps you stay focused and remind yourself what you want in your life and not to settle until you have these things. 

This links to the first point, but I honestly think it really helps you to give you clarification and perspective on things. For me the reason why I do everything is to make my family proud and to know that my mum and dad are looking down on me with pride. I want to achieve my goals and be able to live a comfortable and happy life. Go on nice holidays, treat my family and friends, give myself a settled life and be in a position to be able to support charities and special causes. Of course this is a long way off, but when I’m having a bad day it helps me remember what my end goal is and the person I want to be in the future. I definitely have days when this isn’t even a option to think about, but its something I want to force myself to think about more and stop getting so caught up in small hurdles or failures. 

This is the biggest lesson I need to learn from myself, as I honestly need to believe in myself more. Whenever I fail or feel unmotivated I loose all faith in my ability and myself. One of my favourite quotes is ‘believe in yourself and you’re halfway there’ and this is so true! Half of the battle is knowing you can ace that exam, nail that presentation or get a high grade on that assignment, but its hard when you’re struggling and want to do the best you can. So, we can all take a lesson from this and believe in ourselves more. Know we are enough, that we have the ability to achieve anything and deserve to succeed just as much as anyone else does.

Due to these crazy times it’s so hard for a lot of us to achieve our goals. I know for a lot of my friends who are finishing uni and closing an amazing chapter in their lives, are so scared of the future and what else is to come. When they will get a job, how long it will be and just what to expect next. So, use the time to think how you can work towards your goals. Do a course in something you love, create new goals to make yourself a better person or create new routines for yourself. Spend time researching or update your linkedin profile. There’s s0 many other ways to achieve your goals, just not necessarily the normal ways you would think. Or if you really can’t reach them this year, then be okay that it’s going to take longer than you wanted, don’t be down hearted as no one planned for a global pandemic to happen. 

When I’ve had a bad day or really struggling with something, I find taking some time out to think over it, is great. Just reflecting on what happened, what I could have done better and them ultimately just getting over it. I think the biggest battle is accepting it happened, moving on and accepting its part of the journey. I’m a perfectionist and like things to be done to a high-standard, which means I have high standards for myself too. So like I always mention, I love having a bath, watching my favourite or delving into a new series, and also chatting it through with a friend or family member. They see you from a different perspective and love you for who you are. They will always give you true and honest advice.


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