10 Round Ideas To Change Up Your Next Zoom Quiz

Keeping in touch with family and friends online has become such a massive thing for not only me but across the country. I feel like Zoom has never been so popular. I’ve honestly never done so many quizzes in my life and I’ve now become and expert in finding fun new quiz rounds to try. I’m definitely not a quizzer and frankly I’m awful at quizzes, so I love a modern quiz with different picture, music and just random rounds to keep me engaged. As you could probably guess the traditional history and geography rounds just really aren’t my vibe or tailored to anything I really know. So, I thought I would share 10 fun quiz rounds for you to try. Some I’ve already tried and loved and other’s are one’s I’m still waiting to include… 

1. Find The Object:

This is a round I love the sound of and can’t wait to try out. I just think it’s such a fun and interactive way to do a quiz. Basically all you need to do is choose a list of different objects and whoever brings back the item onto the screen first wins the point. It’s not intellectual at all but a fun way to keep people entertained during lock down! 

2. Baby Photo’s / Celeb Baby Photos:

This is one of my favourites a great way to get to know each other or just test everyone’s knowledge. It’s always so interesting to see if people have changed from their baby photo or still have the same face as they do now. If you can’t get baby photos then do celebrity one’s instead. They are super easy to find on the internet and always a topic of great discussion. 

3. Guess the TV Set:

This is a new one I’ve recently discovered and was in my family quiz last night. Basically all you do is find pictures of different tv show sets and you have to guess where it’s from. I’ve also added in a questions about the number of episodes or you could ask about the number of views that programme has had too!

4. Emoji Quizzes:

These are just everywhere at the moment and you can get hold of one really easily. Basically you choose a theme and then make a set of emojis to represent it. For example different tv shows, countries, sayings or capital cities. If you don’t find one you like then you can easily make one yourself and its a fun way to change up your quiz rounds. 

5. 50 50 Questions:

This round is a bit more traditional, but easy to play. All you have to do is choose two things and you either choose one or another. For example, which one is biggest, which logo is correct, or which picture is right! This one is still great for avid quizzers and you can some really hard ones in there too. 

6. Theme Show Songs:

I love this round and its one of my favourite’s. I just what way too much TV, especially at the minute and so its a great way to test your knowledge. It takes a while to set up as you have to get each song downloaded to easily play during your quiz. But I just think it’s really interactive and fun! 

7. Who’s Most Likely Too?

This is a great one to do with friends or family, you just need to know each other quite well. Basically just pick various statements and who ever gets the most votes for each statement wins the point. So if 5 people choose a certain person then they each win a point. I love questions like who’s most likely to become prime minister or embarrass themselves in public. If you google this then loads of fun questions will come up!

8. Logo Quiz:

Again not a traditional round for a quiz but a super fun and family friendly idea. You wouldn’t believe the amount of logo we see in our daily lives and notice. This is one of my favourites to play as I actually know quite a lot. 

9. It’s All About This:

To keep it interesting its super fun to have a whole round about one thing. This could be all about Disney, all about London or just a random topic. Its the ultimate test of knowledge about a certain topic and is just a good laugh as some people love them and some just hate them too!

10. Merge That Face:

This is a great round to just have a good laugh. All you need to do is find a website where you can merge two people’s face together. It could be two celebrities or two of your friends or family. It’s just a fun way to change up your quiz and always makes every laugh. 



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