Things I’ve Currently Been Loving – Lockdown Edition

During lockdown I’ve had so much time on my hands to fill. I’m usually super busy and don’t just take some time out for myself. But lately I’ve really been loving having some me time and just baking some sweet treats, discovering a new tv series and spending the next few days bingeing it from start to finish, and doing a million zoom quizzes with friends and family. So, I thought I would share a few of my favourites that I’ve discovered during lockdown. From my new favourite beauty brand, to series I’ve been loving and new recipes I’ve been discovering. 


During lockdown I’ve been really trying to get stricter with my skincare routine and stop my skin from breaking out. I’m not sure why my skin has reacted badly, when I’ve not been wearing makeup everyday, but I’ve had moments where it’s been really bad. So, after being recommend this brand by my bestie and flat mate, I decided to give it a go. It’s called The Ordinary, and is amazing skin care but at an affordable price. There is not any unnecessary promises, beautiful packing or amazing advertisements, just great products. I use the Squalane cleanser, Niacinamide 10% serum and Azelaic acid suspension moisturiser, and been pairing them with a toner I was already using. I chose these based on my oily skin, so if you fancy trying them out there’s a full guide of the best products for each skin type of their website. 

I’ve also been loving doing a face mask, just to pamper myself and give me a little pick me up. I’ve always liked the Garnier sheet facemarks, but they are a little pricey just for one use. However, they’ve been on offer everywhere lately and you can get them on amazon too. I love the Aqua Bomb hydrating mask and the Lavender hydrating sheet. They are perfect for travelling, neat and compact and don’t go everywhere, like a liquid mask would. They also make your skin feel amazing afterwards. Whether that’s extra hydrated, soft, glowy or just feels super clean. 


At the minute I’m obsessed with discovering new tv series and rewatching some of my old favourites. Just anything to keep me occupied really. One of my latest discoveries is a Sky original and called Brassic. It’s set in a fictional town and follows a group of friends through a lot of tricky situations they find themselves in. It’s super funny, easy to watch and got some amazing actors in. 

If you’re looking for another easy to binge series, then Too Hot To Handle on Netflix is a great one to choose. A lot of you might of already watched it, but it’s basically a smaller version of Love Island, but with a twist. It’s only 8 episodes long, fun and easy to watch. A perfect way to fill an afternoon. 

On the Netflix theme I’ve also just started watching The Crown. I feel like everyone’s watched this, as it was one of the first original Netflix series, but I thought it was about time I did too. I love the royals and was obsessed with watching Victoria,  so I thought I would love this too. It’s a really great series so far, with some amazing actors in. However, it’s a series you really have to concentrate on so you don’t miss anything, which I don’t always fell like doing at the minute. So I’m not binging it, but watching a bit at a time. 

If you’re looking for some girly romantic comedies to watch then To All The Boys I’ve Loved Before series is perfect for you. This was again recommend to me and I loved every second. We just sat and binged both films last Saturday afternoon and it’s the perfect way to spend a day in my opinion. 


I feel like food and drink are one of the only things to get excited about at the minute. So I’ve been loving discovering new baking recipes, when it’s my week to bake. I’ve found some of my favourite recipes on Jane’s Patisserie. Her website is full of amazing recipes that always come out tasting lovely. My flat mate is also dairy free and there’s some great vegan recipes on there too, that just taste perfect. 

Over the last few weeks, I’ve also discovered that Pret have released some of their recipes for lots of their amazing treats. I made the dark chocolate and almond cookies and they honestly tasted amazing. They had a pinch of salt in, mixed with the dark chocolate,  just tasted out of this world and they are the best cookies I’ve ever had. If you fancy trying them out, then check out the Pret website. 

So, when it comes to drinks we like to have something different at the weekend to have during our zoom quizzes. So each week me and my bestie take it in turns to sort out drinks. We love the cans of cocktails, the boxes of pornstar martini and this week’s newest favourite is a good glass of Pimms. 


Let me know if you try out any of the recipe’s I’ve mentioned, tv series I’m loving or just decided to try one of the beauty products. I hope you’re all staying safe, healthy and happy, and that this post brings you a bit of inspiration to try out something new. 


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