Life Lessons We Can All Take From Our Time In Isolation

Let’s face it this time in isolation was not only unexpected for most of us but also a completely new experience. Staying in for such a long period of time, not working and spending so much time around the people you live with. Unless you’re one of the amazing key workers that are keeping our country running. It was a case of one day life was more or less normal and the next day it was totally different. Honestly, with everything going on I don’t think we will ever be back to how we were before and we will have a new normal. That might be how we think about hygiene, our physical and mental health, how we work and also just about ourselves. We have all had to learn new things and had to live life differently to how we ideally would. So there’s so many lessons I will personally take out of lockdown with me and one’s we can all take as an individual, family and as a nation. 

1. Take Time Out

This time in lockdown has shown me that I need to give myself more time out, to rest and just be. I usually hate not having anything to do or something planned, but being in isolation has meant I’ve had to slow down. Although I would love to be able to go and sit in a pub garden right now or go shopping in central London, I also know now that I will choose a day just being a home just as much too. It’s not as boring as I use to think it was and actually its a lovely place to just rest and recuperate, especially if you have a comfy sofa and a fur baby to cuddle. 

2. Support Small Businesses

Recently because shops have been closed I’ve been buying online and especially from ‘not on the high-street’. I usually love a little gift shop and picking up little unique presents, but I can’t do that at the minute for birthday presents. All of this has made me realise how much we should be supporting our local businesses, where every time they have an order or sale you are helping someone to succeed not just put money into a large companies pocket. it’s all about balance, but being conscious to support the local cafe’s and restaurants over the big chains. 

3. Being Outdoors Is Essential

I think before lockdown some of us had really forgotten the power of being outside, getting fresh air and just being in an outdoors environment. Only being able to go out to the supermarket and our hour of exercise a day, it’s made us all realise how powerful a breath of fresh air is and how good it is for your mental health too. I know when I’m having a hard day, a long walk will instantly lift my mood and it’s always made better when it’s beautiful weather. So after lockdown lets spend more time outdoors and less time inside in front of a screen. 

4. Keeping in Touch

We all live busy lives, in this crazy modern world, so we do forget to take the time to catch up with our loved ones. But being in lockdown and not being able to see them, makes you realise how much you value them. It could be seeing your mum once a week, going for drinks with the girls on a Friday night or a chat with your colleagues at work. So more than anything, take the time after lockdown to stay connected with the people you love, as its so easy to do so in this amazing technology filled world. 

5. We Don’t Need To Always Look Our Best

mWe don’t always need to have our nails looking perfect, hair cut every 6 weeks and makeup done everyday. My team at work have seen me looking my most natural and raw and it makes no difference to you or your work. I love dressing up for the day and it helps me feel ready for the day, but if I leave the house on a chilled day, makeup isn’t always going to be my first priority. I’m loving not wearing makeup and its doing wonders for my skin!

I hope even one of these just relates to you and your experience in isolation so far. Stay safe, healthy and prioritise your mental and physical health. 


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