5 Things I’ve Learnt From My Online Interior Design Courses

In my last post I mentioned that I’ve been spending my time in lockdown learning a new skill and taking some online Interior Design courses. This is something I’ve been interested in for years and having my own house to renovate last year, really was the fuel to light the fire again. I just loved being able to plan out the design of room exactly what I wanted and I was obsessed with finding ideas on Pinterest. Ever since then I’ve been thinking about doing an online course or even going into the home side of buying, in my future career. So, I thought you might all be interested in it too and some of the things I’ve learnt so far, about my own style and how to start planning the design for a room.

I know you will all thinking where did she find these courses and what is the situation with paying for them. Basically I googled free online course for Interior Design and there’s so many different ones. I wasn’t bothered about getting a qualification or doing any assignments, I just wanted to have fun and learn some proper techniques to help me with my own home. So, eventually I found a styling and a decorating course through a website called skill share. You do have to pay after a month or so, but I’m just doing a few trial at the minute and making the most of it whilst I can. The one’s I’ve been doing are quick and easy videos to watch and I just go through them in my spare time. You can find them HERE  and HERE if you’re interested. 

A massive thing I used to struggle with was actually defining my design style. I use to pin so many different styles on my Pinterest boards and just felt confused on what I truly loved versus what I just liked the look of in the picture. So, one of the first things I did on the course was a quiz. This was a quick and easy way to find out what my style was based on the design of different products. I just had to pick the one I was most drawn to straight away, and it came out that my style is modern glam. 

So, I’m sure you’re all wondering how do you know what is classed as modern glam.  Well to start off with this is an actual design style and can be put into Pinterest or Google. Then you can see thousands of examples of the style, with different fabrics and colours. It’s defined as modern design, but has influences from old Hollywood and the Art Deco period. Essentially that’s where the opulent fabrics, metallic colours and curved designs come from. All the pictures above are examples of modern glam I found on Pinterest and just give you a little flavour of some of the looks I love. 

I’ve always known I liked modern design, but not the minimalistic and Scandinavian look. So as soon as I found out this was my design style, it instantly made sense. I love metallics, Art Deco patterns and colours, and to have a real warmth in a room. 

This is always the hardest part of designing a room for me, because I do love colour but I also don’t want to fill my home with it. On the other hand I don’t want cream or white walls everywhere. So when the course instructor mentioned the different types of colours and how to use them this was music to my ears, and one of the reasons I wanted to do an actual course, to properly learn how to use colour. 

So basically there is warm colours, such as red, pinks and oranges, which are energising and vibrant. There is also cooler colours that are calming and peaceful, such as white’s, blue’s and grey’s. This can help you determine how you want the room to feel overall as well as your own personal taste with colour. She basically suggested that you should pair a few cool colours and one or two warmer colours together. This way the room will feel balanced. For me I want to make sure my bedrooms feel calming, and so will be focusing more cool tones in there. But you can add warm through metallics, such as brass or gold, if you don’t want to add a bright colour to the room. 

I feel like this is always the hardest bit when you come to designing a room from scratch, so you need a super exciting piece to base the rest of your room decor around. This could be something big like a bed, or sofa, or something smaller like a table or even a piece of art work. This is a starting point and then you can reference everything else in the room around that. This piece is usually the function of the room, but it depends on the items you like and already own. 

You can then pick out colours, design styles and shapes from this piece. For example, if you have a piece of art work thats black and white with a pop of gold, then you make this your colour palette and choose items that reflect the feel of the artwork. this could be feminine, warm, abstract, whatever you want really, as long as it feels in the same theme to the original piece. 

When you start planning a room you will have loads of accessories to help style the room and finish it off. When you are at this stage of designing and finishing a  room, just clear the room of accessories and bring together items from across your home, and new pieces that you could potentially put in the room. Then play around and choose different sections to style in the room. Think about the size of the item, texture, fabric and how you want the whole look of the room to feel. If you feel like you want to change up your room, you can always do this, sometimes a change of accessories can completely change up a room. 

Now I’ve started doing these course I’ve realised just how much I love interior design, I’m even looking into buying roles where I would work in the homeware industry. I just think it would be a role totally different from clothing but still be so much fun. I’ve always loved design as a whole and making things looks aesthetically pleasing and so I’ve always known I would love styling my home, when I eventually got the chance. Now I’m obsessed with Pinterest, searching for inspiration and creating moods boards online. I love the website and app Room Styler, you can make online mood boards, with colours, fabrics, textures and pieces you’ve found online, and also even plan out the layout of your rooms. I know you might think this is extra, but I just love doing it all. 


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