6 Quick Ways To Refresh Your Home This Spring

As everyone is in the house and a lot of us are no longer working, we’re finally starting to get round to all the jobs that have been on our to-do lists for years. Whether it’s making that piece of Ikea furniture, getting the garden to look presentable ready for many at home quarantine drinks parties or just waiting that room you’ve always been wanting to re-design. Being at home so much also makes us want to change up the spaces around our homes and make sure they really work for you. That may be setting up the perfect work space or just a really cosy living room to binge your favourite Netflix series in. So, if you’re feeling the interior design bug and want to change things up a little bit, I thought I would share 6 quick ways to change up your home. 

  1. Shop Your Home 

This is something that’s so easy and a pend free way to update areas of your home. Sometimes all you need to do is change up the cushions you have ink a room, or a piece of artwork and it can completely change the feel of a room. Changing items to another room that you never originally planned to put them can just create such a different dimension. I would recommend that you pick a room and remove all the accessories, then shop your home and see what you can find to replace them and then add any of the original items back in afterwards. This can take a good few hours, is super fun and doesn’t need to cost you anything at all. 

2. Create A Feature Wall

This can be done in so many different ways. Of course you can wallpaper one wall, if you have some spare lying around or you can paint it. Painting it is a really quick and easy way and you can get paint from your local walk’s or d.i.y shops that are still open. 

If you don’t want to get messy and paint a wall you could create a gallery wall with artwork and quotes. This focuses attention on one wall and also looks really cute. You can busy some lovely prints online, Desenio is a great one, and you can create whatever theme you want. 

3. Add Texture To A Room

Adding texture to a room really helps to give it another dimension and also gives it extra warmth. The best way to do this really quickly and easily is to add in a throw or carpet. I love a good cosy room and a throw is also great to put around you when watching a film. 

The texture doesn’t have to be either of these, it can be a fluffy cushion, a quilted bed sheet or a textured piece of furniture.

4. Use A Mirror Or Two

Mirrors are a great way to make a small room look bigger and to add more light. If you add a big mirror to a bare wall then it reflects the rest of the room in it and instantly makes the room look bigger. If you place it near or opposite a window then the mirror can reflect the light across the room. You could even add multiple mirrors to elongate the light down a room or mirrored furniture too. 

5. Upcycle A Piece Of Furniture

We all know that over time our personal style changes and so do trends. We can get bored of furniture items easily however new ones can get really expensive and take a long time to get delivered. So, why don’t you spend your time in quarantine by up-cycling a piece. You can get some amazon g furniture paint, and all you need is a roller/paint brush, sanding paper and some time on your hands. 

6. Change Round Your Layout

A super easy way to change your room is to re-do your layout. Think about moving your bed into a different direction, put your sofa in different part of the room or change up your work space. This can transform the look but also the feel or a room and can only take a few hours and some strong arms. 


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