How To Make Working From Home Suit You

The last month has been a bit of a crazy journey for all of us. Whether you’re not working and completely out of your normal routine that keeps you motivated everyday or you’re now working from home and having to get used to a new way of structuring your working day. We’ve all been adjusting and finding a new normal. I’ve been doing exactly the same! This week marks my fourth week working from home and a month since I last went to the office. It’s been a massive learning curve of how to structure my day, how I work best, when I want to work and just deciding if I can work in my pyjamas everyday or need to get a bit more put together for the day. So I thought I would share some of the ways I like to work from home and have helped me to stay sane but still be productive over the last month.

 1. Get Dressed & Still Have A Morning Routine:

This is literally the best way I’ve found to get me ready for the day and to differentiate my work days and my chilled weekend days. Every day in the week I set my alarm for the same time and do my normal morning routine. I always have a shower and get dressed into a proper outfit, and not just throw on leggings and a jumper. Breakfast is always key for me but I have a more relaxed morning at the minute; spend time watching Youtube videos and having my morning coffee. 

2. Have Set Work Times & Rest Times: 

Even though I could technically work for as long as I want and at any time during the day. I’ve got set work times where I go and sit at my desk ready for work. I’m no way working a day as long as I usually would but my taking a few hours in the morning and a few in the afternoon it helps me to stay motivated. Oh and make sure you have a set lunch break where you eat, so you’re not constantly walking to the fridge and looking for snacks throughout the day. 

3. Have A Place To Work:

I would really struggle if I was always working from my bed or the sofa, so I’ve got a set work space set up. Luckily I have a desk so I have that all set up ready to work at everyday. However, if you don’t you can just use your kitchen or dining table. 

4. Have A Great Playlist:

Normally I work in an office and there’s always people chatting and things going on. So when I’m working form home I just like to have some background noise, as it really helps me to get into the mindset of working. So everyday o find a new playlist to listen to on Spotify, sometimes two and spend my day listening to that. I’m so much more productive than having a tv series on in the background, and I’m also so much more focused on work too. 

5. Do Exercise After Your Working Day:

What I’ve found really helps me is to do a workout, go for a walk or both after my working day. It makes me put my laptop away and helps me to relax. Almost like a way to tell my mind the working day is over and I can just relax. I love doing online workout videos when I need a bit of motivation to get mine done for the day. 

6. Keep In Contact With People:

We’re so lucky with technology now that it’s so easy to keep in touch with people. I have scheduled meetings to just have a catch up on video call with my team and this is a great way to just have a chat and see what they’ve been up to. We also have group chats which are a great way to say hello to everyone and share different things we’ve been doing to keep ourselves entertained during lockdown. 

7. Put Your Other Devices Away:

I need to listen to my own advice here, but I’m really trying to put my other devices away when I’m working. Just so that I can focus on work and not get distracted. It’s easy enough when you’re working from home anyway. It just helps me †o be a lot more productive and also switch off once my working day is done. 

There’s also a few ideas I’ve heard from other people that I would definitely do if I had the space or was working with my other half. One of them is so that you don’t blame each other for not washing up or their mess making lunch, you have a made up person to blame. It just stops arguments and the pressure of being together all the time. Also, working in different places in your house can also really help. If you have an office then one of you can work from there. It’s a dedicated space and when you go in there you know it’s time to work. There’s also no distractions and its easier to just step away at the end of the day. 


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