How To Stay Happy & Live In The Moment

Living in such a fast paced city, it’s made me realise just how hard it can be to live in the moment and feel present. A lot of my personal anxieties come from worrying about things in the future and what could happen, and I’m sure it’s the same for a lot of you too. When I’m on my commute to work everyone is looking down, on their phones and has no idea what else is going on around them. I’ve got to say that I am just as guilty as all of them but over the last few months I’ve decided I don’t want to be one of those people anymore. I still like to put my ear phones in and drain out the house of screaming children on the bus every morning, but I try to listen something and be present still. Looking up, around and out of the window. I don’t want to be so busy not appreciating what’s around me that before I know it I’m not living in London anymore and I’ve moved back to the midlands. Time goes so quickly and I know this could so easily happen. 

Since being I quarantine, I feel like it’s forced us to be present and think about what’s going on right here, right now. How quickly everything has changed, and four weeks ago we were more or less living our normal lives. Now we’re in lockdown and everyone’s routines have completely changed. Because we don’t next know when we’re going to be able to go out properly or see our families, we can’t look that far into the future; and you know what sometimes that’s good for us. One thing that I like to do now is just take a walk and look around. Take in my surroundings and breathe in fresh air. Realise how lucky you are too have an amazing life and the beautiful friends and family in it. It helps me just to become more present, not worry about the future and try and enjoy the times we have at home. To get jobs done, spend quality time with the people you live with and on yourself too. 

This is a real key for staying happy. There’s so many ways we can make ourselves unhappy; such as comparing our lives to other people’s on social media, not appreciating the small things that we have or the things we have done and can look forward to down the line. But now is a really good time to get back to the core of what truly makes you happy. For me doing a job I love, writing this blog and spending time on my self make me happy. But also spending time with my boyfriend, family and friends gives me the most happiness in my life. I can’t see my family or my boyfriend at the moment, so FaceTiming and calling will have to do, but I can focus on the other things on that list. I’d recommend you have a think about your own list and try to get them back in your life during quarantine. Whether that’s making time to pamper yourself, catch up with an old friend, create that blog you’ve always wanted or just spend time with the people you love. Although quarantine has taken away us being able to go out, we can still enjoy, have fun, love and care for ourselves and each other. 


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