25 Affordable Sportwear Pieces Under £25

Being active is something I’ve loved for years, as I can really zone out from the outside world and just focus on working out. Coming from a dancing background, I’ve always loved that buzz from exercising and the amazing feeling you have at the end. So ever since I stop dancing I’ve always tried to find different ways to exercise that gives me this buzz and also fits in with my life style. Pilates, Barre and swimming are some of my favourites that I’ve found over the last year and they all work different parts of my body and help my mind to really switch off. 

What I love to have when I’m working out is some cute activewear to pop on whilst your excising. You will be able to see from these items that I love a good bit of colour and pattern in my workout wear, but this can sometimes come with a high price tag from the big companies such as Nike and Adidas. So, as I also want to pick up some new bits to add to my collection, since I’ve been really getting into working out during quarantine; I thought I would share 25 beautiful pieces under £25. Affordable, aesthetically pleasing and a great bit of motivation to get working out again! 

Like I mentioned, I love a bit of colour in my sportswear, as I just makes me feel happy, confident and ready for my workout. So, these Under Armour shorts are so me! I love the contrasting pink and orange and how girly they are. I wouldn’t usually wear shorts to work out, however as we go towards summer it will start to get hotter and I’ll need to invest in a cute pair. They are also super affordable at only £22, which is an amazing price for the brand and their quality. Or if you’re looking for a new tee-shirt in your collection then this white mesh racer back, with the pops of neon pink would be a great addition. I just love this piece as its so different from the traditional black and white but would still look great paired with a basic pair of leggings. This is a piece I definitely want to add to my collection and will add more colour into my active wardrobe. 

After a good workout in the gym, I love to have some comfy pieces to throw on and travel home in. A slouchy cropped tee-shirt or a cropped jumper are perfect choices. If you’re looking for some cute after the gym or just chilling at home on the sofa pieces, then this cropped tee-shirt from gym shark would be perfect. I love the colour of this tee and the white branded logo on the front. I’d pair this with a pair of high waisted jeans, a  slouchy jumper and of course a messy bun. This rose pink cropped jumper, also from gym shark, would be a great addition to your activewear wardrobe.  I love how they have changed up their logo and how it has a really relaxed and boxy fit. It’s only £18 and I think that super affordable for a lovely piece of sportswear.  


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