50+ TV Shows & Films To Binge During Quarantine.

During these crazy times of being quarantine, I’ve been finding that delving into a new series or film is a really good escape. It’s a time that you can zone out into a storyline for a while and just settle your anxiety. Switch off all your other devices, grab a blanket and of course a biscuit, and spend your afternoon binging something new. So, to give you all some inspiration of what to watch over the next few weeks, I thought I would share over 50 of my favourite’s, that I know you will love just as much as I do. 

TV Series:

Digging into a gripping new series, whether it’s a drama, documentary or reality show is one of my favourite ways to relax. I love the feeling of not being able to wait for the next episode and searching everywhere to find it, or spending hours binging the whole series. If you have Sky then you can explore some of their amazing original series such as Cobra, a grabbing drama about the government and the decisions they have to make about the country, or Stella, written by Ruth Jones and is just a light hearted comedy about living in Wales. I love her work and of course Gavin and Stacey also had to be on there too, as I could never get bored of re-watching the series again! 

Or if Netflix is more you thing, then there’s so many series I’ve loved to watch. A great one for all the dancers and cheerleaders out there is Cheer. Everyone was raving about it and honestly it’s a great watch. Shows the high’s and lows of cheer training as well as the athlete’s stories along the way. I also love Next In Fashion, if you’re looking for the a new Project Runway kind of series to binge, and Instant hotel is great for all you interior design lovers out there. 


When it comes to films there’s so many different types that I love to watch depending on what I fancy. Usually I don’t get much time to sit and focus on watching a film for a few hours, however now is the perfect time to tick some off my to-watch list. So, if you’re looking for a girly romantic comedy, to cheer you up, then Girls Trip is a perfect choice for you. It was actually on channel 4 last night, so I’m sure you could find it on catch up and watch it straight away. Or if you’re looking for a film for all the family, then you can’t beat a Disney film such as the new Aladin or Lion King. I know are doing a special discount for their new subscription service at the minute, so that would be perfect if you want to re-watch all your favourite’s. 

There’s also some amazing film series that I love that will keep you gripped for the whole day or even weekend. The Kingsman series is a great one for anyone in the family, with its spy and action storyline and with three films to keep you watching for hours. Or, if you’re looking for something more girly, then the Bridget Jones Diary series is incredible. It follows Bridget, a single girl on her quest to find a man, and all the hilarious and embarrassing things that happen along the way. If all of these don’t sound like you’re thing then you must love a good musical and so the two Mama Mia movies would be perfect. Even though the first one is a classic, I actually love the second one so much. The storyline is so perfect and the songs stay in your head for weeks. They’re a real feel good series to watch and I would really recommend. 


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