Interior Design Snippets: Bedroom Edition

Interior design is something that I’ve really grown to love over the last year with having a house of my own and also moving into this flat in London. No matter whether you own your house or rent it, its so important to be able to make your mark on it and truly make it your home. Not just a house or flat that you live in. When I moved into this flat, back in August, even though I’m only here for a year, my key focus was making it feel lived in. I didn’t want just the basic furniture the flat came with and not anything cute on our window sills. I wanted it to feel loved, lived in and make it so much easier for us to settle in. 

So, as I share the flat with one of my best friends, my bedroom was my space to fully design how I wanted it. I bought all my white furniture from home and paired it with the black desk and shelves that were already here. I’ve never been so happy to have shelves that I could design and be able to have all my fashion books on display. My bed actually faces this area and I always look at the canvas on the top every night, as it reminds me of amazing memories in New York. I also love this light up ‘R’ as it’s the first time I’ve really displayed it and made it a feature in a room, since I got it for Christmas a few years ago. It has a real industrial vibe and it looks great with all the feminine pinks and whites in the room. 

When it comes to my window sills, there’s not an amazing amount I can do with them as I’ve got shutters which take up a lot of room around the window. So, this little space is one of my favourite styled area’s. It has a memory of my 18th birthday, a sign that my mum bought me which always reminds me of her and then something to just keep my room smelling nice. I always think a good sent can really make a place feel homely, as it creates a bit of an identity and also makes you feel relaxed as soon as you walk in the door.

As a lot of you might know or have already worked out from seeing snippets of my flat and my house, is that I love quotes. No where is ever complete without a quote. I love being able to just come across one and it reminds me of a certain memory or just a bit of encouragement to keep on smashing the day. The two ceramic signs are from East Of India, and we also have two really cute coasters from them too. I love how they are really simple and would tie in with any design style. 

Finally, lets talk about my two side tables. I actually never had proper ones in my house and never had time to re-design my old bedroom. So, when I knew I was coming to the flat I straight away wanted to have a space to style and keep my books and magazines. I love how each one kind of has its own identity, but still has a silver theme running through. You can tell that the one with the orchid is my side of the bed, and I love having a few products to hand as well as some cute photos to look at before I go to bed. The other side is not quite as cute, but is my boyfriend’s when he comes to stay. of course the pink  jewellery tray wouldn’t be his choice, but it’s my room so there has to be glimmers of pink everywhere. Then I’ve just got a picture of both us of us in Amsterdam and one of me and my dad. I like to have memories of both my parents around, as it reminds me of happy memories and just them both all the time. 


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