Wearable Spring / Summer 2020 Fashion Trends

The fashion industry can be so far from relatable and wearable sometimes. With designer catwalks, expensive clothing pieces and supporting uneatable lifestyles. However, over the last few years, and especially for this spring/ summer season, creating relatable trends has been really buzzing around, I honestly believe that fashion should be accessible for everyone. We should all be able to have a piece of a trend if we want to and we should all be able to have a piece of the industry. Last the end of the day, so many of the fashion trends work from the bottom up now, and come from everyday people like us. From street style, to festivals to bloggers. So, this season I’m so excited that I’m sharing some of the most wearable trends that we can easily invest in… 

Tropical Prints

When it comes to summer its so nice to see some exciting patterns coming through. Playing with pattern has been something I’ve really been trying o get into my wardrobe more and so I’m super excited to be able to try out tropical prints too. So we are still invested in the animal prints, but then also think about palm trees, leaves, birds and lots of green. Of course theres other colour options if green isn’t your vibe. 

Summer Leather

Leather started to slip back into our wardrobe back in winter last year when everyone was starting to rock a leather trouser. However normally as it gets into the warmer, leather starts to fade away as we want lighter fabrics and textures. But for this season leather is staying. So think about those leather shorts, a leather blazer, or even just leather accessories. But it’s back for the rest of the season and so theres a way everyone can add a bit of it into their wardrobe. 

The Updated Trench

Trench coats have always been such a classic wardrobe item and I believe they always will be. they work for both men and women, look so chic and can be worn in so many different ways. So this season the trench coat has been updated to play around with different colours and pattern. I’m in love with the bubblegum pink one in the picture below, but you can still stick to a more classic colour if you want to. 

The White Dress

If I’m honest I don’t think anything says summer more than a white dress. They are just so floaty, easy to throw on and suit everyone. theres always so many different styles to choose from and I just love them. If bohemian with puffy sleeves is more your thing, or structured and embroidered. There is a piece for everyone and we all need at least one in our wardrobe. 

Feminine Suiting

Suiting is something that is really becoming really big in women fashion. Having a good fitting blazer, or pair of trousers can instantly make you feel so empowered and I love mixing the structure with a relaxed tee-shirt and jeans. They are the perfect way to quickly dress up an outfit or add a bit of something more to your outfit this season its all about suiting, and in all bright colours, If you love blazers why not get a bright pink one for spring/summer. 

90’s Minimalism 

This year we are again inspired by the 90’s, but instead of the denim, baggy trousers and checked shirts, we’re channelling the minimalism. We’re thinking monochrome colours, and using structure and form to create interest in the outfit. It could be pairing a floaty skirt but with a  structured bra top, or a pair of structured black trousers with a white shirt. It’s all about tonal outfits and channeling the 90’s vibe. 


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