My London Bucket List

Whilst I’m living in London there is so many amazing things I’ve had the chance to do and there’s still lots that I still want to do. I’ve got such a unique opportunity to be able to just head into London at the weekend; explore the museums, markets and cool places that you never have time to do unless you live here. The thing is with London, there is ALWAYS something to do. New exhibitions, events to visit, markets to explore and so much more. So, even though I’ve already done so many things since I moved here, I wanted to share my bucket list for the next 6 months. Full of things I really hope I get round to do doing.

  • Get to be a true tourist and go round Buckingham Palace. Its one of the few tourist things that I've never done and I feel a bit ashamed that I've not done it yet.
  • Visit Kew Gardens. It always looks so beautiful and I thin k it will be the perfect spring or summer day activity.
  • Go to another bottomless brunch. There is so many different types around the city, and I can't wait to get anther one booked when my family come to visit.
  • Go and see Mama Mia in the West End. This is one of my favourite movies of all time and it's supposed to be incredible in the theatre.
  • Browse around spitalfields market. This is one of the few famous markets I've not been to and it's somewhere I really want to tick off my bucket list.
  • Eat in the new Seven Dials food market. A massive mix of all different types of food in the heart of London, Covent Garden.
  • Go and see a outdoor, rooftop movie. There is so many in London and I cant wait until it gets warmer and we can book tickets to go to one.
  • Go and have a drink in the Sky Garden. It so hard to get a slot to go up there but it's got amazing views and is so iconic to the city.
  • Visit the Bond Museum. Not something I thought I would say, but I've heard its super interesting and if you love James Bond, even a little bit, then it's the place to go.
  • Go to Box Park. If you've never heard of it, it's a park full of shipping containers with different shops, cafes and bars in that's perfect for a few hours out with friends.
  • Have a cupcake from Peggy Porschen's cupcake shop. It's not only got an iconic girly interior, but the cakes are supposed to taste amazing.
  • Go to Madame Tussauds. The tickets are crazy expensive but I would love to get the time to go and have a look.

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