8 Instagram Accounts You Need To Follow in 2020

Instagram is becoming such a powerful tool in todays modern world. It’s so easy to be able to create and share a message. This could be about fashion, mental health, an awareness of an illness or just showcasing a different way of life. I love filling my feed with influencers who do all of these things. Ov er the last year I’ve really found following positive people, who talk openly about real life issues and things that affect people, are just as nice to have in my feed as someone with an arming sense of style. It’s all about the balance. So, I thought I would share 8 instagram accounts that I love and that I think you should give a follow to in 2020. 

Let’s start with Victoria Magrath, with her account In The Frow. With a masters in fashion and a strong following through all her social channels, her career is on fire. What I love about her is her her personal style. She might often not wear brands that I could ever afford, but I love seeing her pair outfits together and her beautiful imagery is always super inspirational. Also someone who’s style I’ve always admired is Olivia Palermo. I always think she dresses in such a chic and classic way and I love seeing how she styles her outfits together. She is of course always jetting here, there and everywhere and forever got a different outfit for it. She’s constantly on my Pinterest boards and I just love her style. 

Freddie Cousin Brown is also an influencer I love to follow for her style and her whole vibe. Her feed is to die for, her imagery is so beautiful and I’m in love with her vintage vibes. She’s a modern day Audrey Hepburn, obviously with blonde hair, and is such an advocate for mixing luxury in along with her high-street clothing pieces. Then of course there is Lydia Elise Millen. Again she will often wear pieces I could never afford, but I just love her style. It’s so me and it’s what I aspire to with my own wardrobe. I love her fashion content, her amazing walk in wardrobe and her instagram. 

Then it comes to the influencers I follow more for the messages they preach about and their positivity. Chessie King is an influencer , model and body positivity campaigner. I love that she shows on her feed the power of a good photo angle and that no one has a perfect body. She is always so open, candid and whenever you see one of her posts it always makes you smile. In a similar way I also follow Carys Whittaker, on her account Busy Bee Carys. She and her husband James are just such a perfect couple which are so down to earth and normal. I love to her fashion content but most of all her body positivity and mental health references. She talks very honestly, is always so loving and positive to her audience and my heart feels so warm when I see her content. 

Finally there is two of my favourites from this line up. Elle Darby is mainly a yotuber but also a influencer. I love her videos, especially her style and interior snippets. She speaks honestly about her family struggles and how her mum is battling with terminal cancer. She has a beautiful feed, is always talking so openly and positively to her audience. On the other hand, Olivia Rose Smith has actual battled cancer herself and has followed her journey through her instagram and style. I love her fashion sense, and how she’s an advocate for high-street fashion. She’s super inspirational and I admire her strength so much. 


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