19 Memories From 2019

2019 what a roller coaster of year you were. I know it’s clique but honestly it was so up and down for me. I had some of the best moments of my life, like moving to London and starting my dream placement. But there was also so many difficult times, when I had to grow up and take on so much responsibility. It was the year for growth, memories and opportunities. I feel like I really found myself, and what’s important to me in life. So much happen last year and here’s 19 of my favourite moments..Going to Amsterdam with Ed and getting some wet deserved couple time after a super busy January. It was a place we had both want to go to for so long and we had the best time exploring and doing all the touristy things. 

  1. Moving to London with my best friend and getting to live my dream of living in the city.
  2. Our family holiday to Spain in August. This is where this photo of me on the unicorn was taken, and honestly it was the MOST relaxing holiday and I loved every minute. 
  3. My 21st trip with all my amazing friends to center parcs. It was such a lovely and memorable way to celebrate a big birthday and I couldn’t of asked for a better birthday. 
  4. Finishing second year with a first, after a really stressful, life changing year. 
  5. Going on my first work trip to Poland, and realising that through my dream job I will get travel to some amazing places and do some incredible things. 
  6. Going to see some amazing west end shows during my weekends in London. Wicked will forever be my favourite, but I also loved Grown Up’s and The Bank Robbery That Went Wrong. 
  7. Going to Winter Wonderland with all my best friends over two weekends. We had the best time and we smashed the ice bar and ice skating too!
  8. Going to see Take That live. They wouldn’t be the first people I would choose but we got given tickets and honestly they were the best band I’ve EVER seen live. They were so incredible. 
  9. Having a weekend away with Ed and getting to go to Twickenham and spontaneously seeing School Of Rock. 

10. Renovating and decorating my house to truly make it my own home.

11. Our annual family trip to center parts, where we just had amazing family time playing games, drinking and making memories. 

12. A family holiday to Norfolk in July, which consisted of wondering round little villages, shops, games and family meals. 

13. A girly spa day to celebrate finishing second year or university. 

14. Lots of family meals and family evenings. My family mean the world to me and I just love spending time with them.

15. Canoeing in the Spanish sea with Ed, his twin and her boyfriend. 

16. Starting work at my dream job in fashion buying and merchandising. 

17. A girly bottomless brunch, with one of my best friends, for my 21st birthday present. It was incredible and we want to do it every week now. 

18. Having a lovely surrounded by all my family and friends.

19. Going to see West Side Story at my local theatre on Boxing Day. I love going to see shows and this one was just brilliant. 


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  1. Philip
    5th January 2020 / 4:09 PM

    George loves the unicorn float

    • 5th January 2020 / 4:28 PM

      Thank you! I love it too!