20 Fashion Trends For 2020

2019 has been a real turning point when it comes to fashion. Athleisure has really come into it’s own and now everyone pairs trainers with their everyday work outfit. Street style is a full fusion of high-street, designer and everything in-between; and it was truly the time to change up your look. So, 2020 can only get more exciting, as the catwalk is becoming more and more wearable and amazing style is accessible to everyone. We can welcome the chunky trainer, midi denim skirts, boxy blazers, ruffled sleeves and so many other beautiful trends into our wardrobe’s over the next year. 

For 2020 I feel like there really is a trend for everyone and there’s an overall 70’s and 80’s theme. There’s a real feminine edge with soft knits, prints and dresses, but that’s contrasted with masculine shapes and power dressing elements. The boxy blazer is back, think borrowing your boyfriends blazer and pairing it with your favourite skirt or pair of shorts. The high-waisted trouser is now coming out of the office and becoming a beautiful piece for a night out, or even paired with a tee and a pair of chunky trainers. You can also welcome a quirky take on the classic trench coat, as well as a traditional feminine pleat, in skirts, trousers and sleeves. 


This year I’m really excited to be experimenting with my style and trying out new things. I honestly think you can get stuck in a rut so easily and the key is to just take that leap and by that one item thats out of your comfort zone, which you love. Find an outfit to pair it with it, even if it’s just classically your style, you will start to see yourself doing it more and more. I’ve done this over the last few months, whilst on placement and it makes getting dressed so much fun again. I love taking inspiration from my friends outfits and people in the office. It inspires me to buy certain items or pair certain things together. So 2020 is the year for affordable style and a chance for you to really change up yours. It’s a new decade so why not do something different and these 20 trends are the perfect place to start…


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