5 A/w 19 Coat Trends & Where To Buy Them Affordably

I’m a real autumn lover and I honestly think that’s because of the fashion. All the layering, jumpers, boots and of course a really good coat. I’m a bit of a addict when it comes to a coat, as I love to have variety during the winter. For me its the piece that completes your seasonal look and is also what everyone else sees mot of the time, unless you’re inside. I honestly think you would wear an all black outfit and pop on a statement coat and you’ve got an amazing look. They are such a staple, and now are not only functional but super stylish too. 

When it comes to a coat I think it’s not always about that trend piece. For me its a piece that can work with your entire wardrobe and that is versatile. You don’t really want a coat that you can only pair with one outfit. However, this year a lot of the classic styles have really come into the front of fashion, as they’re also super practical too. But they can come with a heavy price tag. As we come more fashion focused and willing to invest in the perfect piece, it can also cost us more to get one we love. It doesn’t have to be like that though, that’s why I’m sharing with you five coat trends for a/w 19 20 and also where to pick one up without breaking your bank. 

This season it’s all about comfort mixed with style. Let’s take the puffer jacket. I love this baby pink one from New Look, as it still adds a touch of felinity, but it will also keep your super warm during the colder months. Or if a puffer isn’t for you then a parks probably is. Think long lined, fur hood and super versatile. This cream one from ASOS is perfect for those long Sunday walks or on your community to work. Then you’ve got the more trend led pieces, starting with the faux fur coat. These are a piece I love and I actually have a super fluffy one of my own. They add a real touch of warmth to your look and can also add a statement, like this leopard print one form New Look, or red one from Matalan. Then you’ve got the wrap coat, which is the epitome of stylish and chic. They look effortlessly elegant and are perfect paired with a jumper and some leather trousers. Finally, there’s the double breasted coat and the most classic piece. I love them in muted colours with tortoise shell buttons. 

New Look

I love New Look. It’s the perfect mix between fast fashion and good quality. Obviously you won’t buy a piece form them and know it will be in your wardrobe for years, but it’s the perfect place to buy those trend pieces, for your wardrobe, that you can pick up every year. So of course the prices reflect that, and you can always buy pieces really affordably. These coats are no exception, with all of them under £50. Whether it’s a comfortable puffer or a trend lead faux fur coat, they have it all and always have offers on too. So if you see something you love keep an eye out for money off, such as the 25% off they have on some items at the minute.


This is not a shop I’ve personally shopped in for such a long time, however I feel like they are really starting to make tracks back into the industry again. They really are the epitome of affordable style and are doing an amazing job at bringing those trend pieces at amazing prices. With coats under £40.00, there isn’t anywhere else on the high-street you could pick an item up at this price. So if you’re looking for that trend lead coat, this season, then maybe pop and have a browse. 


Everyone has different versions of affordability and ASOS is bringing those higher price points to our trend led pieces. What’s amazing about these items though, is that they are nearly all ASOS Design pieces, which means they are designed in a much more premium way and are better quality. So if you’re looking for a jacket you can rock for a good few seasons, then they are your best friend. 

George At Asda

George at Asda have really stepped up their game over the last few years and have been focusing on affordable, trend led pieces. So, if you’re looking for a super affordable coat this season, then go and have a browse around an Asda and see what they have to offer. I’m in love with this mint green parka and also this olive green trench, as they are so classic and always look super chic.


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