Life Update: Going On Placement & Moving To London


I can’t believe that I’m actually sitting down to write this post, especially from my beautiful flat in London. It seems like life really has just flown by recently. From renovating my house, finishing my second year of uni and moving, there’s not been a moment to sit down and really fill you all in. So, that’s what I’m going to do today and just let you know all about my amazing London adventure’s so far…

So, I feel like I just need to rewind and give you all an update on what’s been going on over the summer. Life has been so crazy as I was finishing renovating my house. It was crazy trying to tie up so many loose ends and get the house looking spotless. But I’m so happy to say that I made it and the house now looks fab. We also went on two amazing holidays, one to Norfolk and one to Spain. They were super relaxing and I got to spend lots of quality time with my family, which I loved. It’s always so nice to get away from everything and realise that the people around you, your health and memories are what matters. It also helped me have the calm before the rush of working full time on placement. 

Rewinding back to this month, I’ve currently been on placement for four weeks and really loving it. I’m enjoying being in industry, seeing how brands really buy products and how buyers work with merchandisers. Its weird working full time, but I feel like my body is starting to get used to it now and I’ve never been so in love with a Friday. Time is going crazy quick and can’t believe that I’ve already been there for a month. 

I’m also loving the whole London life and living with one of my best friends makes it SO much better. I love our girly weekends together, exploring all the cute spots in London. The pictures at the start of the post show just a few of our adventures so far. Its amazing having a girly house and there’s never a lack of laughing, gossiping and a bottle of wine or two. Our flat is also so lovely, and it really feels like home now. I will definitely be sharing some glimpses it and how to get a rented home to feel like your own. If you want to keep up with what I’m up to and have been recently, go and follow me on my Instagram @rachelydia. You can also check out my London highlights tab too. 


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