My Top 5 Favourite Podcasts To Listen To

Podcasts are something I’ve really only discovered over the last year, as before then I never really saw the appeal. I’m the type of person that wherever I go, if I’m driving or walking I’m listening to music. Especially if I’ve got a song stuck in my head and just need to listen to it. But when two of my favourite Youtubers Lily and Anna started their ‘At Home With Podcast’, I obviously wanted to listen to it and see what they were all about. Well that was kind of the beginning of me having a love of listening to them. I know look for new shows to listen to, and love escaping into them whilst I’m holiday, driving or walking the dog. It’s just something different from listening to music and is like watching a TV programme but without a screen. They are also fab for getting you off looking at a screen and listen to something instead. So, I thought I would share my 5 favourite shows I love to listen to, to inspire you to pick up a podcast or listen to a new show.

'At Home With' - Lily Pebbles & Anna Newton

This is a podcast for all those people who love interiors and getting to be nosy. It’s a podcast that mixes an interview with a well-known person showing you around their house. Although you can’t see the house itself, you can see pictures on an app along side the podcast. This is just an interesting show as it allows you to get a scoop into peoples homes and I think it really shows them so much about the interviewee. Also, as they are both Youtubers and don’t really move in the celebrity circles, its some really different people that interviewed. Think people big in Youtube, Blogging and Beauty, opposed to generic celebrities. 

'The Brights' - The Bright Family

This is just my slice of reality heaven and is just so funny. This podcast is basically like a reality tv show, following the Bright family. The second oldest daughter Lydia Bright, used to be on TOWIE and the rest of the family are also known for different appearances. It follows their lives, up and downs and their sisterhood. It’s a real feel good podcast to listen to and the 30 minute show goes so quickly. They’re currently on their second series at the minute, and even if you don’t like TOWIE and don’t know them I would still listen to it. Its just so relatable to any family. 

'Out Of Fashion'

This is just the podcast for all fashion lovers. It doesn’t always have a guest on, but follows to women who talk all things life and fashion every week. But what I love is that they have some amazing people from the fashion industry on like an ex director of Topman. It’s perfect for people who study fashion and are absorbed by everything it entails. I love it and the women who host it are also great at chatting about new shows and books they’ve been reading, which I love to get new recommendations from. 

'Happy Place'- Ferne Cotton

This podcast is just really feel good and follows an interview with a different celebrity every show. With Ferne Cotton interviewing each one, you get to learn about their lives, work, childhood and also things to do with their mental health. She interviews so many amazing people and my favourite had to be Got Wan, as Fashion is always my first choice for anything. Fearne is a really good host and as she’s friends with so many of the people she interviews, its like listening to a deep chat between two friends. It’s just relaxed and easy listening and perfect for lying on a sun bed on holiday. 

'True Tales Of Luxury' - Harrods

This one is definitely for this people who love luxury fashion or dream about owning some. They interview some of the m most interesting people from the fashion and design industry. You get to hear them talk about themselves, their pieces, how they design and their collections. It often people that are more unique, and not the really well-known designers, which is great for the fashion lovers who want to broaden their knowledge of designers and the industry. 


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