The Mini Renovation Diaries Week 1 & 2

If you’ve not been following my house renovation updates on my social channels or my renovation takeover on Instagram, then you won’t know that I’m currently in the middle of clearing, renovating and re-designing my house. I’m on a mission to modernise it, and make it lovely and fresh. It’s been a long journey so far, but over the last few week things have finally started to come together, as I’ve had a decorator come in and do some work. So, I thought I would share some progress pictures of it all so far and talk about the rest of my plans for the house…

First let’s rewind back and talk about what the house was like before, so you can get a picture of everything. There hall, which you can see above on the left, was a. bit of a crazy space with red and cream wallpaper with sections that has stripes and a diamond pattern on. It was really busy and also had like white bordered sections on both sides, as you walked through the door. The carpet was the same, and all of the woodwork was a cream colour and just scruffy from use over the years. When it comes to the living room, it was the chimney breast that needed work as it was a darker, almost mocha colour. It wasn’t unpleasant but was way too harsh for the room and made it look quite dark. It also had a piece at the bottom where the plaster had come off and the mantel piece was again cream and scuffed a lot. The fences were a faded mix of browns and were all mis matched. The door, which you see below, used to be a burnt red brown colour and the dining room was cream with purple accents on the walls. 

The plan with the outside and the garden is to get all the fences looking as fantastic as they look in the picture above. All painted in a lovely grey colour and all fixed, which still needs to be sorted out. I want to clear all the embarrassing amount of mess and the huge tip pile in my back garden, and have all the shed painted in a lovely light green colour too. Then, I just want to tidy up the garden and get all those weeds sprayed with weed killer, all the grass smarted up, the beds looking beautiful and got some lovely flowers growing. 

When it comes to the house the plan is to continue with the dining room and get it all painted lovely and white. I’m going to get a new carpet in the lounge and dining room, to get rid of the horrible grey one I’ve already got, and a new kitchen floor. As again the current one is way too old and doesn’t go with the kitchen at all. There’s going to be all new beautiful white blinds at each window, a new front door and a brand new bathroom. Which I’m just the most excited about more than anything else. Think cream tiles and some rustic wooden floor style vinyl, I just can’t wait!


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