How To Get To Know Yourself and Be In Your Own Company

Over the last few weeks and months I’ve had a lot of learning to do, as I’ve been thrown into an adult world when I’m still only in training. I’ve had to be in the deep end and forced to swim as that was the only way to get everything done, carry on and be able to stay a little bit normal. As well as learning all about houses and bills, I’ve also had to learn how to be in my own company and what can pick me up on a bad day and how to look after myself. Whether that’s doing something I love, meeting with friends and family, taking the time to pamper myself or sometimes just taking a long walk with the dog and having time to think. 

I think being comfortable with yourself and your own company is really hard to master and it takes so long to get to that point where you feel balanced. I’m far from at that point yet, as I’m slowly trying to work my way through becoming a fully fledged adult, but I thought I would share some of the ways I’ve been doing it recently. 

Make Time Yourself

When you’re going through a difficult time, I think its easy to be able to mask over your feelings, by being busy and not taking time for yourself. I’m not saying this is the way I find keeping busy great for my mental health, but I know that at the minute myself is my first priority and making sure I’m okay. So I make sure I don’t expect too much from myself and give myself time to do something just for me. That could just be as simple as watch a film I’ve been wanting to watch for ages, or. finish a new tv series. But anything that for you and makes you feel happy, as only you can truly be behind your happiness, no one else. 

Have Some Pampering Time

Recently I’ve rediscovered pampering and just how good it can make you feel. earlier in the year I had been so occupied doing other important things that I dint take time to paint my nails or do a facemark. It might seem such a small thing, but for me it makes such a difference as it makes me relax and feel good about myself. I used to pamper myself all the time, and it also makes me feel like me again. Its something that I can go to as a place to escape from everything else and just enjoy something fun and girly. Honestly if your ever feeling down, put a face mask on and paint your nails, and I can guarantee you’ll feel so much better. 

Make Plans With Family And Friends

Nothing helps me more than being surrounded by people that I love. I just think it’s such good therapy as you can tell them your problems, they can give you some good advice and most of all you can listen to them and get distracted for a while about their life. I really think that it so nice to keep meeting up with people and making plans, as at the end of the day why not enjoy yourself. 

When it comes to what plans to make, I love going out for lunch as you can have a really good chat over food. My favourite thing EVER. Or you could go for afternoon tea, drinks, out for a meal, go shopping or my most favourite recently go to an exercise class. This helps you just have a good laugh together and is great company to get your motivated to work out. 

Do Something You Love

For me doing something I love is the best way to just enjoy being on your own. It could be to play sport, watch a film, do something that’s your hobby or just relax. I personally love writing for this blog or doing my uni work. They are both something that are so personal to me and that I can really escape into. It something that only I can do, for myself, and I can also be super creative. That always makes me feel happy. The best way to do this is also to get a good snack, your favourite drink and great place to sit, with unlimited time to get it all done. This way I get so lost in doing it and the time flies by. 

Get Exercising

Being a dancer for so many years, dance and exercise has always been something I’ve loved. However life has been getting in the way for the last few years and I’ve not been able to dance. But now I’m really trying to get into doing classes and swimming. My favourites are Aqua Aerobics and also Dance and Tone. If you’re looking for a new class, have a look on your local gyms timetable. I find they are the best way to have fun and get fit,  as the instructor motivates you and it’s a super easy way for you to work out harder than you usually would. 


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  1. Siobhsn
    21st May 2019 / 10:51 PM

    My darling Rachel, what a remarkable young lady you are, many much older people could learn many things about self preservation from you your mum and dad will be so proud X😍😘 love Siobhan

    • rachelydia
      23rd May 2019 / 12:15 PM

      Aww thank you so much lovely ♥️ xxx