The New In: Affordable Summer Accessories

Accessories have been something I’ve always loved and are a regular feature on this blog. I just adore how they can really finish off a look and make it look perfect. It’s often not so much about the clothes, but the power of a good accessory of two. You could have a plain tee and a pair of ripped shorts on, and then just pop on a red lip and pair it with a red bag, and you go from boring and simple to stylish and co-ordinated in seconds. It’s all about getting the right pieces, and that doesn’t always mean that they have to be super expensive. 

When it comes to my own shopping habits, I tend to only spend money on luxury items if I know I will get my wear from them and I will keep them for a long time. Otherwise, if its more of a trend led piece, and I know that in a few seasons I will be over it, then I will look to the high-street for affordable accessories to add to my collection. So that’s what I’m sharing with you today, 5 recent purchases of summer accessories all from the high-street. Get ready for massive summer holiday vibes, as I’m counting down the days until I’m on holiday, in the pool and sunning it up. 

I spoke about my new love for statement earrings in my 30 High-Street Style Picks For This Spring post, where I featured a few beautiful pairs that are on sale at the minute. So you all know how much I’m getting into them at the minute and that my vision is to be in my bikini, or swimsuit, with my sunnies on and a pair of statement earrings to channel those chic and glamorous vibes. That’s why I’m buying so many pairs at the minute, as I want to build my collection ready for Spain. 

When it comes to the type of earrings I’m choosing, there’s who main things I’ve got in mind tortoise shell and also versatility. I don’t know what it is about tortoise shell for me but I just love it, it looks so beautiful with my hard features, doesn’t look to harsh and also look really glamorous. I’m also completely obsessed with it and seem to just get attracted to it like a magpie. So that’s why I’ve chosen these two pairs of earrings, with those tones being the main feature. These hexagonal ones from TKmaxx are great to add dimension to an outfit and look so cool. The rounded ones are slightly more elegant and would look amazing paired with a white swimsuit. I also picked this gold pair with the pearl in, as seashells are massive this spring/summer and they would also be really versatile. They could be paired with so many outfits and look so nice for when you going out in the evening for a few drinks. 

When it comes to the sunnies, I’m actually a massive fan of luxury sunglasses, purely because they are better for your eyes and they also last longer. So for me it’s a win win. However, expensive sunglasses, water and chlorine are not a good combination and I needed a few pairs that would be easy to throw on whilst in the pool and that wouldn’t matter if they got broken. So, these two pairs from Primark where super cheap but will be an essential on holiday. They will my constant go-to and of course they have my favourite tortoise shell as a feature on both of them. I would really recommend Primark’s accessories if you’re looking for affordable and trend-led accessories, which you might only want for one outfit or a season. It’s not the most sustainable for the planet, but it’s a more sensible decision for your purse. 

My favourite ways to style these statement earrings is with a fairly simple outfit or tonal colours. With the hoops I love to wear them with an all black outfit, or a with a cropped jumper and white jeans. They just add a bit of extra glam to the look and are some thing so different for my style because I’m such a stud lover. However, its so nice to keep pushing yourself out of your comfort zone and changing up your style, as nothing good comes form your comfort zone. I’m still learning how to style them up, so let me know how you add them into your outfits. 

Some You Can Find On The High-Street


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