Renovated Office Tour

A proper office is somewhere I’ve been wanting so badly in the house, because I just work so much better with a dedicated space to go. It makes me feel so much more focused and stops me getting distracted with doing other jobs around the house. I can also just leave out all my work, close the door and come back to it fresh the next day. I did already have my desk somewhere else, but true to myself I grew out of it so quickly and soon had no storage. So when I began to renovate the house, this was our first project and I cannot wait to finally show you the finished result. 

My vision for this room was to create a really calm and organised space, that I could relax in and do my work. Whether that was writing this blog, doing uni work or just having a browse online. It needed to feel calming but also have my design mark all over it. Generally I do love more modern design and especially as I was keeping this glass desk from Ikea, I based the majority of the room around that. I also knew I wanted to have a hint of rose gold, as I already had a few office accessories that would look beautiful in there. So, then I just had to find a wall colour to go with that colour theme, and choose a clean, neutral colour to finish the look off. 

Lets firstly go over the basics of the room to begin with. All the walls have been painted in Dulex Chic Shadow, which is the perfect light grey. Its very neutral, yet a really warm and classic colour for any room in the house. To pair with that all the woodwork is in Satin Wood, also by Dulex. It just gives the room such a clean feeling and looks super modern. 

When it comes to the carpet and blind, I wanted to again go for something neutral, as this room is actually my smallest room, and in the future could be used as a bedroom. So I wanted it to go with any colour scheme for the future and match with the rest of the house. That’s why I chose a cream and white flocked carpet, which is going to flow onto the stairs and landing, and a matte white blind. It’s actually from an amazing website called Blinds 2 Go, which can make each one custom sized to your windows at a really affordable price. I wanted something fresh, easy to keep clean and smart, so this was the perfect choice. 

When it comes to the furnishings, I had two main things in mind. I wanted storage and needed to do the room affordably. It’s a room that’s so vital for me to stay organised in, and something I lacked in where my desk previously was, so that’s why I’ve got these two rose gold magazine holders and paper tray from Next Home. After thinking about how I use the space, I knew I needed a space to put books and notepads to do with uni, as well as a place to put sheets and letters I needed to get back to. This way everything has a place and my desk doesn’t get cluttered.

I also chose to buy this set of draws and stationary holder, from Ikea, so I can put all my office stationary in and all the extra’s, like sticky notes, staplers, bluetack and so much more. I would recommend both of these, and they are ridiculously cheap and work so well to keep each category of items organised and out of your main desk. Having it underneath the desk is a great way to use your space and is really convenient. 

To store all my everyday essentials, like pins, paper clips and wires I bought these two mason jars from Home Bargains. I loved them because they were rose gold, but they are also so handy for storing office supplies in and keeping it all neat and tidy. It’s not the most conventional but they work amazingly well. Then I just bought this white plant pot from Ikea, to hold all my pens. It’s nice and big to store all the pens I could ever need, and was also super cheap. 

To dress the room up, I added a candle from New Look that also has a rose gold lid, to match with the room. I’ve also got this scrabble letter coaster and this cute quote display from Next. It just dresses the desk up and makes a cute, little corner. 

Finally, I wanted to add some light to the room and also a feature, so this lamp from Aldi seemed like the perfect choice. I love how modern this looks in the room and I think it really makes it. It looks beautiful and was such a bargain. Its so worth keeping your eye in Aldi as it has so many great deals, with some amazing products. 


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