How I Store and Care For My Jewellery Collection

Jewellery is an accessory I’ve really got into over the last few years. I love how it can completely finish an outfit, take it from night to day or just add a bit of personality to a look. The range of jewellery out there is so versatile, and every piece in your collection can be too. You can really tell a story through the jewellery you wear, and personally I love wearing pieces that mean something to me. It could remind me of a special occasion, be bought by someone who is close to me or just be a unique piece I love. I feel like jewellery is just so under estimated, when it comes to an outfit, but I honestly can’t imagine the best outfits, without a touch of jewellery to finish the whole look off. So that’s why I want to share with you how I store, care and style my most treasured jewellery pieces…

My Jewellery Storage and Top Layer

This jewellery box is a new one to my collection, and is actually something I’ve been lusting over for ages. Not because they’re expensive, but it’s just one of those things I’d never got round to sorting out. However, as a treat for myself from myself, this Easter I bought two layers of the Stackers jewellery boxes. 

If you’ve not heard of Stackers, which isn’t that hard as I hadn’t of heard of them until I started working in a department store that sold them. Then they are a storage brand, that focus on providing beautiful pieces to store your most prized pieces in. I think they originally started by making these stackable jewellery boxes, but have branched out to make technology stands, watch and cuff link boxes, jewellery stands and so much more. I would honestly recommend you go and have a look on their website as they’ve got some beautiful pieces that would be perfect as gifts, or to treat yourself to as well. 

How this jewellery box works, is that you buy each layer seperately, and can customise the storage you want, depending on your collection. Normally you would buy a generic jewellery box, with all the storage and sections inside, which may or may not cater to your type of collection. I always found there was nowhere really for necklaces, and I have a lot of expensive necklaces that I want to store properly and look after. So, with these you can choose. The lid has a set layout; with places for your necklaces, rings and bracelets. But you can then buy separate layers which differ in layout, to cater for what jewellery you have. Mine is actually a very similar style underneath, but you can buy ones all dedicated to rings and earrings and deeper ones for watches too. Mine is the largest size, and the lid cost £25. You can then buy seperate layers for £20 each. 

I chose to go for the blush pink design, as not only am I a massive pink fan in general, I just think this shade is so classic and feminine. It would look so beautiful on any dressing table, and go with any bedroom decor. Personally I would love to pair it with a white dressing table and grey interiors, as the two colours would just look so lovely together. 

In the top layer of my box, I like to have the majority of my day to day jewellery in there, which I always reach for. I’m a bit of a creature of habit and tend to wear the same pieces everyday, and then switch them up for special occasions or to pair with a specific outfit. This way I’m able to easily reach the pieces I want to wear, and can also easily put them away at night. As I’m really bad at just taking it all off and leaving it on the side, when I should really just use the same amount of effort and quickly pop them away. It just stops your chain getting tangled and them getting damaged when you’re not wearing them. 

Some of the key pieces I love from this top section is my Tiffany necklace with the rose gold key, the two silver bracelets at the top on right, my Links of London chain bracelet and my Joma thinking of you bracelet. I love stacking these two bracelets and always wear them together on my wrist.  I also love the ring with the three roses, which my aunty bought me and is super special as its supposed to symbolise me, my mum and dad. The ring beside that, which is my favourite from Pandora and kind of looks like to leaves around your finger. It so elegant and feminine and I love to wear those two rings together, one of my left middle finger and one on the right.  The opal ring is also one I chop and change into my looks, as I love how unique it is and it’s also my birthstone, so its supposed to bring you a bit of good luck too. 

The Bottom Layer and Jewellery Care

The second layer of my box has more of my occasion jewellery, and pieces that I don’t wear everyday, such as my Pandora bracelets. I just find they are a little bit to bulky for an everyday wear, and can get quite heavy especially when they have a lot of charms on like mine. 

I have three Pandora bracelets in total and I thought I’d gone through some of the charms I have as well. So, first I’ll talk about my silver bangle, this is the newest to my collection out of them all and one that’s the most simple. Its just a plain silver bangle and has a silver heart clip on, as I wanted something that wouldn’t move around and irritate me. Then, I’ve got the little pink leather bracelet, at the top on the left. This is a softer, more everyday bracelet than the rest and is really comfortable to wear. That also have a silver clip on, but its engraved daisy’s all around it. I will confess I need to wear this more, as I have no wear got the amount of wear out of it as I should have. Finally, I’ve got my classic silver charm bracelet, with a crazy amount of charms on. I actually took some off, as it was getting so full, and popped them on the side for now. On here I’ve got tow silver heart clips to hold the other charms in place, I’ve got two small silver seperaters, a silver open daisy charm, a handbag, a sparkly R, a red love heart glass bead, a guardian angel and 18th charm, a bow and also a big apple from New York. I have an charm that’s got two angel wings, that I also need to pop on to finish the bracelet off. 

In the second section of this layer, I’ve got a few more of my necklaces. As like I love being able to have them on display and be able to see all the different one, so I can choose the right one for my outfit. Necklaces are something I change up quite a lot depending on what I’m wearing, and having them in this storage just really makes me wear them all a lot more. 

In the bottom section, this is a place for earrings or rings, but I decided to put my rings in the top layer and stick to having my earrings in the bottom one. This works so well as I can see each pair and decide which ones I want to wear and what will go with what outfit. My favourites to wear and buy are Pandora, as they are affordable but are also good quality and are so comfortable to wear in your ears, you wouldn’t even known you were wearing them. I have three pairs, and they are the silver knots, the all silver flowers and the silver tear drops too. I’ve also got a small rose gold collection, and do sometimes pair all my rose gold jewellery together. But usually I just like to mix and match my metals, which is mainly silver and rose gold together. 

I find that having the pieces out in the air, or being exposed to the air regularly is the best way to store them, as silver naturally cleans itself in the open air. It’s much better when its being worn, but you do have to be careful with your body lotion and products, as that make it need to be cleaned more regularly, or if you don’t ever take them off. It’s also great to invest in a silver cloth and silver dip, as they can clean anything that’s real silver or gold and can bring it out looking beautiful and clean. The cloth is better for when it just needs a small clean, however the dip is great for a deep clean and keaves it looking so sparkling. You can get them from a jewellers or I know John Lewis definitely stock them too. 

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