20 Autumn Styling Tips

Autumn fashion can be extremly boring and unimaginative, when it’s cold and all you want to wear is a classic pair of jeans and throw on a jumper. It`s so hard to be able to incorporate a silhoutte into your look and play around with pieces, when your ultimate aim is to stay warm on a chilly autumn day. However, with a few easy tips, which are just quick change ups to the way you’re styling your looks, can completley transform your autumn style. It can go from drab and uncreative, to playful and stylish, with a few easy changes. 

Autumn Styling Tips:

  1. Style your hair in a sleek, low ponytail, as it adds a chic and put together feel to your look.
  2. Pair a basic grey tee-shirt and black jeans, with a piece of interest. This could be a statement coat, bag or even a boot.
  3. Throw on a feodora or a floppy felt hat, to instantly add an effortless glam feel to your outfit. 
  4. Layer, layer, layer. It’s all about creating a focus and dimension to your outfit and popping a shirt collar under a patterned jumper, is a super easy way to nail it. 
  5. Paint your nails in your favourite atumnal colour. This adds a sense of warmth straight to your look, and some of my favourites are burgundy, mulberry and burnt orange. 
  6. Work with a colour palette that you love and suits you. Just because it’s going into Autumn, doesn’t mean you still can’t wear pink or duck egg blue. It’s your style and you look so much better if you’re wearing a colour that suits you.
  7. ALWAYS add texture, as it adds depth and cosyness to your outfit. Not only does it keep you warm, but it also looks fab paired with other basics, as the main statement piece. 
  8. Gillets are the key to keeping warm in Autumn, when it’s still too warm to wear a coat, but too cold not to have anything. They are a great inbetween and I find they always keep me super cosy.
  9. To style up a classic bag, ready for Autumn, tie a silky patterned scarf around the handles. This adds pattern to your look and also updates a classic, neutral bag. 
  10.  Work on the philosophy, if tight on the top then loose on the bottom, or the other way round. I always think this looks the most flattering for a feminine figure, whilst still looking chic and elegant. 

11. Pop on a headscarf, whether it’s tied around your head or around your bobble, in a classic ponytail. This is bang on trend this season, and definitely an easy way to make a statement in an outfit.

12. Knee-High boots are an easy way to add feminity and a slight sexiness to a covered up autumnal look. 

13. High neck polo tops and jumpers are the new way to add feminity to an autumnal look. If you choose one that empasises the chest and neck, they can look beautiful, super elegant and an amazing basic for any wardrobe.

14. If you’re stuck on what coat to buy this autumn, a trench is a go-to every time. It’s chic, elegant and completley timeless. You can NEVER go wrong with a trench.

15. Add an autumnal lip to your look, but this year I’m loving nude’s, browns and anything in between. They are so 90’s, but they look so classic and I love how they pull a look together.

16. Change up your go-to skinny jeans, for a mom style or relaxed skinny. They are so much more comfortable to wear and look amazing paired with boots and over sized knits. 

17. Flats are super stylish too, in different patterns, textures and metals, they look beautiful on your feet and are comfortable too. What more can you ask for. 

18. Sunglasses are still so needed as we go into those bright autumnal days. So don’t feel stupid, if you still pair some of your favourite looks with a pair of classic sunnies. 

19. Skirts look beautiful in the winter, and the key is to stick to autumnal colours and get a great pair of thick black tights. Primark do some of the best!

20. Add a touch of animal print, as it’s so massive this season. A leopard print belt or a snake print shoe, is my favourite way to channel the trend. 

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  1. 8th October 2018 / 8:49 PM

    Nice styling tips thank you! xxx

    • rachelydia
      9th October 2018 / 9:46 AM

      That’s okay, I’m so glad you enjoyed it! X