The Best Places To Buy Swim Wear On The High-Street

Buying swimwear has always been a huge task for me, as I find it so difficult to find the perfect mix of a comfortable piece, thats also affordable and looks beautiful too. There’s either two ways that it goes; it’s super comfortable but it’s not flattering or particulary pretty, or its on trend but is so super tiny that everything is about to fall out, the moment I move. So, finding that perfect balance is what I’ve strugged with for years, as my body shape has changed and I’m looking for those key, ultimate, go-to pieces of swimwear.

Over the last few years, i’m loving how there’s been such a change in swimwear trends. Not only are we now whole heartedly loving the one piece, we’re also experimenting with shapes, patterns and styles across the entire swimwear industry. We’re no longer just seeing the classic, monochrome all in one, and a triangle bright pink bikini, but now there’s ice cream patterns, sequins, embellishment, high waisted bottoms, cut out’s, and so much more. However, all these beautiful additions come at a price, which makes it harder for us to find beautiful swimwear, when we don’t have £60 to splash out on the newest design.

Where To Shop:

  • F & F at Tesco – Tesco is one of my favourite places to shop when it comes to swimwear. I bought my whole collection from there a few years ago, and went back again this year to buy this black and rose gold bikini. They’ve really upped their game this year, and has experimented with fit, style, and so many colours and prints. They really have created a piece for every type of woman.
  • Primark- This is a place that I’ve always known has created beautiful bikini’s, with super affordable price tags. However, I never knew about the quality or fit of the pieces, and if they really were as good as the hype around them was. But, this year i went into Primark just to bulk out my swimwear collection for my summer holiday to Portugal, and fell in love with this gorgeous toucan, all in one costume. The style was beautiful, I loved the playfullness of the toucan and thought the colours would be perfect for a sunny holiday abroad. I honestly couldn’t recommend enough the quality and designs, but i would watch out for the fit. As I’m tall and to avoid any slipping I had to buy two sizes bigger than I usually buy, to make sure the fit was perfect.
“Beautiful additions come at a price, which makes it harder for us to find swimwear, when we don’t have £60 to splash out on the newest design”
  • George at Asda-  George is another super market fashion brand, that actually has some beuatiful swimwear pieces I’ve never bought any pieces from there myself, but I know my boyfriends twin bought nearly her whole swimwear wardrobe from there. They have so many beautiful style’s, they’re really loving the ruffles this year, and their fit is great too. Super markets really are a hidden gem when it comes to swimwear.
  • New Look- New Look is one of the only fashion highstreet retailers that I really love for swimwear, as they not only sell pieces seperately but also cater to a realistic body shape. They have so many beuatiful, trend lead pieces, yet they make sure they fit like a glove and dont just cater for the woman who want to laise by the pool all day and wear swimwear just to look fashionable.
  • M & S- This isnt a brand i would go to for on trend pieces, however they are amazing for basics and items that fit amazingly well. I’ve got a simple, black, all in one costume from them, and it fits so well. They’re a great choice for piece to go swimming in or perfect for aqua aerobics.

Finding the perfect swimwear can be expensive and so time consuming, when you’re trauling the high-street and not finding anything that’s got the perfect fit, look and price. However, look a little bit deeper and go to some of the hidden gems of the fashion world, the supermarkets, and I’m sure you’ll be able to find some beautiful pieces that don’t break the bank…

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