My Five Highlights From The Month Of July


I know July feels like so long ago, as we’re now over half way into August and the warm summer weather is slowing slipping away from us; but I’m still living in the glory of some of the amazing things that happened in July. With 18th birthday parties, a leaving ball to plan and go to, a two week holiday to look forward to and a new job I was just starting to relax into, I think you can say July was a busy month for me. So, I thought I would share my five favourite parts of it with you all…

IMG_6337Sixth Form Leavers Ball- This had to be my ultimate highlight from July, because it was such a amazing night and a massive achievement for me and my best friends; as we were on the organisation committee. After 3 months of planning, hitting endless hurdles and quite a few strong opinions on the way, the night went down so well and everyone had such a good time. The playlists we created worked perfectly, the photo booth turned up and was used all night, the food was so yummy and the room looked gorgeous. That was personally my favourite part. The black and gold theme we went for worked so well and hanging the balloons, paper pom poms and fans from the ceiling just topped the whole look of it off completely.

I was also in love with my white lace French Connection dress, as it was the perfect choice for the ball and to be able to wear out in the club afterwards. With the accessories I just kept them neutral and then went for a brown smoky eye and lot’s of bronzer. I also adored my hair, the lady who did it for me was so lovely and it was exactly what I wanted.  It was girly, had that relaxed boho vibe and looked gorgeous with my dress.

20369744_10154813150892895_6432531080327199198_oFamily Holiday- Every other year its become a tradition that my whole dads side of the family go on a big 2 week holiday together. It’s a holiday of family fun, laughter, making memories and spending time together. For the last few years we’ve headed off to the region of Normandy in France, and it’s a place where we all love to go to really relax, visit the beautiful beaches, try out the local food and become a French person wandering round all their gorgeous towns and villages.

This holiday is always a highlight of my July, every time we go on it, because I just love being able to spend so much time with my family and all enjoy each other’s company. We’re all pretty crazy and opinionated, but we all love each other and support everyone no matter what.

2 Days in Paris- Where we’re staying in France wasn’t too far from Paris, and as I’ve always wanted to go back ever since I visited back in 2015 on a school trip; my mum treated me to two days in Paris. We headed to Rouen in the car, and then took the train to the centre of Paris.

We stayed in a beautiful, small boutique hotel called Hotel Baum, and it was the perfect girly get away. It was only  small double room, as we got it for an amazing price on Secret Escapes, however it was still so beautiful, it looked over the small conservatory of the hotel and was super modern, with plenty of velvet. We spent time having a really good shopping trip, as I had done all the tourist things before, headed down the Champs-Elysées and had dinner sitting on one of the side streets, in a beautiful French restaurant. It had definitely fed my love for Paris even more and I can’t wait to go back again, hopefully with my boyfriend this time.

untitledNights Out- June and July brought a lot of nights out for me, as it was the end of exams, we went out after the leavers ball and it was also one of my best friends boyfriend Adam’s 18th birthday.

I’m not going to lie, I love a good night out and especially when it’s with so many of my favourite people that I know I will have a great time with. We always look after each other, drink we each other, dance our arses off and just have an amazing time. I don’t always drink that much, because who needs to drink to have a good time, but I always come home with more amazing memories and had a great time. Here’s to a lot more nights out in the future!

 My New Job- Although July was a month full of fun, drinks and nights out, it was also a big month for me as I was settling into a new job. It’s only a part-time retail job, as I need some way to feed my shopping addiction and pay for my car, however it was still a really big deal for me as I was leaving my previous job and a team of people I absolutely loved. I didn’t have much choice as the store was closing, however I knew I needed a new challenge and something to get my teeth stuck into.

Throughout July I was really just starting to get my feet under the table, get used to how differently the new company I work for do things, and get used to being the new girl again and not knowing everything. Even though I’m still learning new things every day meeting new people I’ve never seen before and still making small mistakes; I’m really loving it and I know that job was meant to be, after 2 months of job hunting.

What have been your highlights of the summer so far?

Rachel x





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