What’s In My Bag | Kate Spade Red Across-Body Bag


Handbags and being nosy are two of my favourite things in life. So, I thought that putting these two things together and showing you all what’s in my beautiful new Kate Spade bag, would be a great post to kick me back into blogging…

So let’s start things off with the bag, my absolute favourite part of this whole post. It’s the latest addition to my handbag collection, accomplice to all my outfits and the new love of my life. This is because of just how beautiful, yet amazingly spacious and practical it is. The size makes it so easy to just throw a few essentials into and head off for the day, so you’re not ever taking more than you need and everything is really easy to find. The greatest challenge is when my car keys are in my bag and I have to fight with my gorgeous grey pom pom to find my lipstick in the morning, which is something I can definitely cope with compared to my bigger, heavier and easier to scratch designer bags.

Practically, the grained leather that this bag is made from, makes it so good for everyday use, as it makes it a lot less likely to scratch and more durable when being opened and brushed up against. It won’t transfer colour from a piece of clothing and it also has two really good pockets to put small or valuable items in. The adjustable strap is great for providing you with the option to have the bag on your shoulder or across your body, making it great for days out and other day to day jobs. However, what I love the most is the pillar box red colour, because it’s so iconic and is also such a statement piece. It really adds something else to every outfit and creates a classic yet summer vibe to my wardrobe.

  When it comes to whats actually in my bag, I’ve definitely had to cut down to the bare essentials; only the things I really need in my bag and not things to solve any bad situation I might ever be in. So, I always carry my phone, which is the Samsung J5 and is literally always attached to me at the hip. I’m always keeping up my friends, family and my boyfriend on a daily basis, so it’s one of the most important things I carry in my bag. Then next it comes to my car and house keys, which are also pretty key to me being able to get around and also get into the house. I love to have a pom pom of some description on my keys so I always know where they are and so they look pretty. I love this one from Helen Moore purely because of how soft it is and the beautiful colour!

Carrying a small bag means there’s no room for a massive purse, like my purple Lulu Guiness one, so this great little pink zip pocket purse, from H&M, is a perfect substitute. I always carry all my cards, such as my debit cards, my student card, ID and any other points cards I might have, and usually a bit of loose change. However, notes are a rarity as I hardly ever have money physically, I use my cards for everything.

So, then really all that’s left is a few more key items that help me through day to day life, such as a good pack of tissues, especially as it’s hay fever season at the moment and my eyes love to water randomly, and also some body spray; to make sure I always smell fresh throughout the day. Also, I nearly always carry my headphones so I can always listen to music or watch a Youtube video and of course the essential girl items, when mother nature is calling. I like put these away in the back pocket so they’re easy to get to and also can’t just randomly fall out of your bag at any time.

Rachel x


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