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Nothing can beat some beautiful stationary when it comes to exam season, a new work project or just to organise your life a little bit. I know it might seem crazy, but I’m such a visual person that if something is pretty and attractive, it makes me want to use it. So, if I’ve got a gorgeous planner for the year, a range of colourful pens and the ultimate rose gold and marble weekly planner, then you can guarantee I will get a lot more work done.

Floral 2017 Planner | TKMaxx | £5.99

This is almost the odd one out from the haul, as Kate Spade is usually a very expensive stationary brand and can definitely break your bank if you’re a stationary lover. However, I got a true bargain with this gorgeous yearly planner, as it was only £5.99 from TKMaxx. It’s not damaged at all, but I can only use the last half of the planner, as I only bought it this month. But, I don’t mind about that because I’ve not paid much for it, and I can still use it up until December and take advantage of all the beautiful quotes and calendar pages. I love that this planner is really big and I can use it to plan out all my creative projects with this blog; working with brands and organising my content.

Rose Gold Pen | The Range | £2.99

I’m sure every one of you know that I’m obsessed with rose gold. That could be rose gold jewellery, accessories, stationary and even pens. So, when my aunty wrote a card with one of these gorgeous pens, I knew I needed one in my life. It’s not really practical for work, but that doesn’t matter because it looks so pretty and amazing when you’re writing cards.

Marble & Rose Gold Bull Dog Clips | Sainsbury’s | £3.00

Supermarket’s are such a great place to pick up beautiful and super affordable stationary, and Sainsbury’s is no exception. As soon as I saw these marble and rose gold bull dog clips, in this super cute glass jar, I knew they had to be mine to use on my desk. Not only are they super useful to hold multiple pieces of paper together and organise my life, but they are also gorgeous and just create an amazing aesthetic.

Colourful Fine Liners | Tesco | £4.00

I’ve had my eye on these colourful fine liners for a while. Quite a few of my friends have them and they seem so useful to create revision notes and mind maps. So, when I saw them on offer in Tesco for £4.00, for a pack of 10, I picked them up straight away. I love to use colour in my revision and so these are perfect for me to be able to do that and also add different coloured notes on my desk.

Marble Weekly Planner | Sainsbury’s | £4/£5

Like I mentioned earlier, supermarket’s such as Sainsbury’s are actually great for picking up for beautiful pieces of stationary, which are also super affordable. However, usually they are quite poor quality and will not last very long. But every item in Sainsbury’s was the complete opposite and you really get quality and value for money with all of their stationary pieces. I love this marble and rose gold weekly planner because it has multiple spaces for everyday and you can plan out what revision topics you’re doing or jobs you need to do on that day. It also stands up and is super easy to quickly look at, so you always know what you need accomplish on that day.

Are you a stationary lover?

Rachel x


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