5 Years Of Blogging


This month marks the anniversary of my blogging journey and a massive 5 years of sharing my love for fashion and lifestyle with all you. I can’t believe how quick the time has flied, and it only feels like five minutes ago since I first hit that Publish button and was creating some of my first posts. It’s so crazy to not only think how far this blog has come, as well as my content and really discovering my own style. But, also how far I’ve come as an online creator and growing from a teenager with dreams, to a woman with so much vision for the future. I feel like I’ve truly grown up on this blog and you have all been able to follow me on this amazing journey, full of opportunities.

When I first created this space on the internet, I really had no idea what a blog even was or what industry I was coming into. The popularity in blogging has grown so much over the last five years, with the massive boom in social media and YouTube, and really it’s so much better than it ever used to be. I’m now able to extend this blog to all of my social media channels and really create an amazing platform; allowing me to interact with all of you on a more personal level. It’s so much more than just having a blog now, as it’s also about the blogger themselves, and sharing their lives, fears, hopes and dreams with their readers; which is what I’m really loving about it. You can talk about whatever you want, share all of your stories, showcase your latest purchases or your beautiful holiday pictures, without having to be put into any type of box. I learnt a long time ago that this blog was just as much for me, as it is for all of you, and it will only be a true reflection of what I love, if I do it straight from the heart.

What I really can’t believe and I’m so grateful for, is the amount of milestones and opportunities I’ve had over the last five years. I’ve been able to work with so many amazing brands, such as Farfetch, Zaful, Bonobos, CLC World Travel and Tommy John, just to name a few. It still blows my mind that anyone other than my family and friends even read what I write every week, despite big brands contacting me and wanting to work together on a piece of content. It’s really helped me to grow my confidence in my own abilities and to push myself to create some great content, that I’m still super proud of. But more than anything, it’s so unbelievable to be able to have these opportunities and I’m so grateful that for everything this blog has allowed me to do so far.

Every single milestone means so much to me, even from the first ever post like, to my first 100 followers, to my first comment, my 1000 followers and all of my blogging anniversaries. I’m so happy that I’m still able to have this little place on the internet, to share all my love for fashion and style, but also to have a hobby I really love and I’m dedicated to.

It’s been a crazy five years so far, and I can’t wait to see what the next few months and years hold for me and this blog. Here’s to the next chapter…

Rachel x


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