Exclusive Leather Rose Gold Converse


Without a doubt converse have to be my favourite type and style of shoe to wear. They’re not only the most comfortable to shoes to wear on earth, but they’re also super versatile and can be worn with a variety of different outfits. It doesn’t matter if you’re pairing them with a casual outfit, to wear to college or uni, or you’ve got a more dressy outfit on but need a pair of shoes you know you can trust, Converse are the perfect choice. Obviously, I wouldn’t recommend you wear them for a really special occasion, like a night in town or going out for cocktails with the girls, but for day to day life converse are the definitely the shoe to go for.

I’ve been in love with Converse for quite a few years now, and I honestly don’t think you can beat a pair of the classic white shoe style, as they look so iconic on your feet and really finish a casual outfit off. They’re always the best when they’re really crisp and white, because they look so effortlessly chic and you just cant beat a nice new pair of Converse. However, I’ve strayed from my traditional roots, as I’ve had my eye on the pastel nude collection ever since they were first launched last year. I loved how girly they looked and how they added a bit more of luxe vibe to your classic converse shoe.

So, last week I popped into Office and picked up this gorgeous tan, leather pair with rose gold accents and I’m absolutely in love with them. Ever since I first took them out of the box, they have just lived on my feet and I’m so obsessed with them. Not only are they super comfortable, like all converse, but they are also so beautiful and feminine. The tan leather goes with nearly every colour and casual outfit in my wardrobe, and the rose gold accents just top off the whole look of the shoe for me, as it’s my favourite type of metal. They are quite a pricey pair of shoes, at 62.99, but I honestly think it’s worth the money for the quality comfort and beauty of these gorgeous shoes.

What do you think to the Converse pastels range?

Rachel x


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