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Makeup is such a huge industry now, there’s so many amazing different brands that are creating such beautiful products for us to wear on our faces everyday. Whether that’s the latest contour kit, eyebrow gel or the newest way to create a matte lipstick; there’s so many things out there, to suit every single taste you could think of. However, sometimes I feel like the smaller and less well known brands, especially if they don’t have a stand in the mothership which is Boots, they often get over looked and their products are not truly discovered. So, today I thought I would try out The Body Shop’s makeup and show you some of my favourite products from their range.

First, let’s talk all about base, as this was my favourite part of the entire range. I honestly think that creating a good base really sets you up for an entire face of good makeup; that’s blended nicely and looks amazing. So, this first step is super crucial for me, especially as this is the type of makeup that I tend to loose from my face first.

Primer’s really are one of my holy grail products, and this WonderBlur primer didn’t disappoint. With it’s soft, silicone texture it smoothes over your skin, fill’s in your pores and creates the perfect base for your makeup. It makes it so much easier, to not only apply your makeup, but it will also last so much longer when it’s on your face, as it prevents your face from trying to soak up moisture from your makeup into your skin to hydrate it. Then, you have to talk about foundation, as this one I tried out from the Body Shop really was gorgeous. It was super light weight on your skin, allowing you to have a light to medium coverage, and it made your whole face of makeup very breathable and almost feel like your own skin. Along with a primer, this product really worked with my skin and lasted a good 6-7 hours on my face, which is perfect when I have a full day ahead of me with college and work in the evening.

So, you can’t have a really good flawless base without the help of a few great brushes along the way, and these BodyShop ones are a real find. They’re not only super soft against your skin, but they also have some amazing blending powers and put on both your face powders, blushers, highlighters and even contour perfectly. That brush has to be my favourite because the shape is perfect to just fit into the hollows under your cheek bones. They also wash beautifully, never become damaged or corse to touch, and also don’t become loose or fray; the perfect brushes for beautiful everyday makeup.

Finally, I have to talk about their gorgeous matte lipstick formula’s, as they are absolutely beautiful. I’m completely in love with how they’re formula’s are a very smoothe and velvet consistency, as you put them on your lips, they then dry to a lovely moisturised matte finish. They don’t dry your lips out or stick to any existing dry patches, and just make your lips look gorgeous. I have one of the dusky pink shades, and it is a true your lips but better colour; adding a really feminine and natural finish to your makeup look.

This post couldn’t have been possible without my lovely friend, who is a Body Shop rep, allowing me to try out so many of the brand’s amazing makeup products. So, if you would like to know more information about any of the product’s I’ve  talked about in this blog post, or would like to keep up to date with great offers from the brand, go and follow her Facebook group HERE.

Rachel x


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