My Spring Bucket List


At the minute I really just can’t wait for it to be spring, as small glimmers of the new season are starting to appear. The warmer weather, the lighter nights and also everything is starting to look so much more beautiful as it starts to bloom ready for spring. It feels like a fresh start, as a new month rolls around; a chance to go out and have new adventures, make memories and just enjoy those spring days. So, I thought I would share some of the things I really want to do this spring, in a seasonal bucket list.

  1. Make a daisy chain– This was something I always used do as a child, and I really just want to be able to sit down and recreate those childhood memories again. Daisy’s are a real sign of spring and summer, so I have to make at least one daisy chain this year.
  2. Go on a road trip to somewhere new– This spring I really just want to jump on my car, when I’ve passed my test, and just drive and visit somewhere new. Have a day out just exploring a completely new place, make lot’s of amazing road trip memories and have a laugh with my friends.
  3. allef-vinicius-135031Have a picnic– This might be a bit too early to do in Spring, as the weather in the UK is so unpredictable, but I really want to have a good old fashioned picnic. Go to a local park, lay down a picnic blanket and just have fun away from technology.
  4. Go on an evening walk– The lighter nights are one of the things I really love about spring, and so going on an evening walk is the perfect way to enjoy this. Take the dog for a walk, put my phone away and just enjoy spending time with my mum.
  5. Have a Garden Party– This spring I really want to be able to have all my friends round and have a garden party. I love being able to stick some music on, have lots of food and alcohol and just have a great night.
  6. Eat a hot cross bun- I know this seems ridiculous, but when I was a child I always used to have hot cross buns in the spring and near easter, and so this year I really want to do the same again.
  7. Go fruit picking– This might seem a bit random, but this spring I really want to go fruit picking. Whether that’s strawberries, blackberry’s or gooseberries, I’ve just always wanted to go and it looks like it would be super fun to do.
  8. Pass my driving test– This isn’t really the type of thing you put on a bucket list, but this spring I’m determined to pass my driving test and be able to drive myself around. I’ve already had one go at it and I really hope that it’s second time lucky.
  9. Book a new adventure– Whether that’s going to a festival or going holiday, I want to book a new adventure this spring, ready for the summer months. I’m having a super long summer this year, as I finish my a-levels and go to uni, so I want to really make the most of it.

    Rachel x


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