My Festive Pampering Routine


One of my favourite ways to relax and just have a bit of me time, is to give myself a good pamper. So, when it comes to the festive season, and there’s lot’s of parties and celebrations; my pamper routine get’s more intense and seasonally inspired. Some of my favourite affordable products to use, which are also really good quality and great for your skin, are from The Bodyshop. I love how the brand is all natural, cruelty free and they create such gorgeous products, that smell and look amazing. They also last ages and there’s such a wide variety on offer, which will suit anyone’s taste’s; when it comes to skincare, body care, hair care and also makeup.

The Face

Looking after my skin is something I’ve grown to really love. I had really problematic skin as a child, I was constantly having spot break outs and my skin was super sensitive. So, this has lead me to really want to look after my skin now, and try to keep it healthy and looking really good. These Aloe Vera cleanser and toner, from the Bodyshop, are great for keeping my skin feeling clean and fresh, ready for the day. The Aloe Vera makes sure that the product is gentle on the skin, and as it’s a natural antibiotic it makes sure any dirt or impurities are drawn out of your skin; keeping it really smooth and a good overall tone.

I’m also a real face mask addict, and I really love trying out new ones and seeing which ones work best for my skin. One of my favourite types have to be self heating, that are actually warm as you put them on your face. They create a really deep cleanse of your skin, in a way which is also really gentle and that actually feels great. It’s just a white mask, so there’s no scary colouring to it, that can make your face look seriously weird. It’s all just completely natural and this one is a really gorgeous seasonal scent, of mineral and ginger. Which I’m loving for this time of year!

The Body

Looking after your body, is just as important as your skin, when it comes to pampering, however I often neglect it and don’t give it the treatment it deserves. We can all vow for not moisturising our bodies enough, and I’m 100% a culprit of not putting in the time, or the effort, to give my body a good moisturise every day. But, this Hawaiian Kukui Cream from The Bodyshop has hopefully changed my ways. I love how it’s really thick and creamy, making it really moisturising for my slightly dry skin, but also dries really quickly and isn’t sticky on the skin. What I really hate is having to wait ages for body cream to dry, and then you feel really over sticky and it’s hard to put clothes over the top. The kukui oil really nourishes your skin, and allows it to be really supple and glowing.

A really good bath bomb, is also something I love to use, in my pamper routine. I’m a massive fan of baths, and how relaxing they are when you’ve had a long and busy day. So, I love to make it a bit more special and also great for my body, by popping in a bath bomb. This love heart shaped one, was a gift from America from my Aunty, and smells lovely, but I also really love LUSH bath bombs. They’re my favourite bath products EVER! I’m also obsessed with using bubble bath, and making bath time a true paradise. So, this gorgeous Argan Oil one from The Bodyshop, is perfect for those festive pampering sessions and when you want your skin to be super nourished and smooth.

The Extra’s

The finishing touches of the whole pamper routine, bring the whole experience together and makes it a great way to recharge your batteries and feel more a bit more you again.

Painting my nails has to be one of my most favourite ways to finish off my pamper routine. I’m obsessed with nail varnish, and I have an absolutely massive collection. So, I love being able to choose one of my favourite colours, from my collection and just spend time on me and making myself feel great. Having good nails also really pulls an outfit together and makes you look so much more chic. I also really enjoy putting some oil on my hair, to really nourish it and give it a treatment after the exposure from the day. Heat and damp can really affect your hair, so I love just popping some of this through the ends of my hair, at night, to almost act like a leave in hair mask. Its also great before you blow-dry your hair and after you curl it; to give your waves more definition.

If you’re looking to buy some gorgeous Bodyshop products, then one of my lovely friends is a consultant. She can run a party evening, or just bring the catalogue round, so you can have a good nosy at some of the brand’s latest products. If you live in Leicestershire, then she’s great and you can go and have a peak at her Facebook page HERE. Thank you to her for letting me try out some of the amazing products, and making me want to buy so many.

Rachel x


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