My 18th Birthday Party


As this blog really is an online scrapbook of my life and all of the things I love within it, I thought that it was only right to share some of the lovely photos, that were taken at my 18th birthday party…

I held my party at a really amazing venue, in my local city, in their basement lounge/ mini club area. I’d been to the venue previously, for a work Christmas party, and instantly feel in love with everything about it. It looks so industrial, it’s super modern and chic, and also has a really great atmosphere and space for a party.  I wanted to make it really special, so I decided to hire an up and coming photographer, that’s a family friend, to professionally document the whole night; so I had lot’s of lovely pictures and memories to look back on. I personally think he did a really amazing job and I know I will always treasure these photo’s for years to come, whenever I look back on my 18th birthday.

To kick the whole party off, right from the outset, the venue’s manager suggested that he would be able to put out a red carpet, to make the venue’s entrance look a bit more special and party ready; but only if the weather was good. So obviously I was crossing my finger’s for weeks, in the hope that it would be. This, and a pair of big gold and silver, 18 balloons, set the backdrop for all the lovely entrance photo’s. I also wanted to give everyone a entrance drink, and with a rally cute addition of lot’s of gold stripy straws, and some raspberry’s, the drinks looked really amazing and I was really pleased with them. In the centre of each table, I made a glitter covered jam jar, and surrounded it with party poppers and some black and gold confetti. This just finished each table off, and it tied the whole colour theme together.dsc_3335


Inside the venue, all I wanted was for everyone to have a really good time. Happy guests = great party. So, to really document this, the photographer decided to bring along lots of cute photo booth props and get all the guests to have photos with them. There was lot’s of colourful sunglasses, loads of weird and wonderful mouths, and lot’s of genuine real smiles. These photos have to be my favourite out of all of them, because they’re so funny and really capture my friends and family so well.

The photographer also took the time, and the opportunity when it came, to get some really nice candid shots, of me, my friends and my family. In particular, my two favourite have to be the one at the start, where my two of my best friends had just arrived, a little bit more than tipsy. I also love the one of me and my friend Elisha hugging, it’s a moment you don’t usually get to see again on camera, but it’s such a special photo.

dsc_3402dsc_3385dsc_3390dsc_3396dsc_3397dsc_3400dsc_3408dsc_3413 dsc_3473dsc_3409dsc_3497dsc_3487

I had such a great party, dancing all night with my friends and family and getting very tipsy. There’s was so many events going on, to celebrate my birthday, and I’m so glad to have such amazing people around me.

Rachel x


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