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When it comes to dealing with oily skin and especially when you wear makeup, it’s really difficult to find the right products and create a combination that truly works for you. I know I’m probably biased, but I honestly do think that oily skin is the hardest skin type to deal with, because it can change so much, from day to day, and the smallest change to the wrong product, can really affect your skin. So, as I’ve battled myself for years with my own oily skin and finding the perfect base products, right from the moisturiser all the way to the powder, I thought I would share the ones I’m currently reaching for.

Elemis Flash Balm | Moisturiser

So let’s start right from the beginning and talk about moisturiser. Personally, after finding the perfect foundation for my skin,being able to find a really good moisturiser has to be the hardest job. A lot of the specific oily skin products, I’ve tried, just don’t work for me and end up being too intense, too harsh or awful as a makeup base. However, recently I went for a lovely facial, at my local spa, and this product was recommended to me. I think it’s actually designed to be an anti-ageing product, but it works perfectly for my skin , as it’s an almost 3 in 1 product. It’s a moisturiser, illuminator and also a primer for your makeup. So, not only does it keep your skin hydrated all day, it also mattifies it and creates a perfect base for your primer. I still like to use a primer because my skin just lasts so much better this way, and the product just doesn’t give me quite enough longevity, for an entire day of wearing makeup.

Elemis is an expensive skincare brand, at around £38 for this product, but I would never suggest that you have to go out and buy the product. I’m simply just sharing a really good quality product that works for me and my skin type. It’s always worth investing money in skincare, and that’s a lesson I’m starting to learn after so many awful high-street products. However, if you’re looking for a brand that’s more affordable, then Liz Earle is a really great option and I’m 100% going to venture into purchasing some of their products, after I’ve used my current ones up.

L’Oréal Infallible Matte Collection | Primer, Foundation & Powder

When it comes to my favourite primer and powder, I feel like nothing I’ve ever tried that can currently beat these ones from the L’Oréal Infallible Matte collection. The primer is my literal life saver for my makeup, and creates the perfect silky, smooth and also matte finish, to the skin. I use it with any foundation that I use, and it works wonderfully every time. It’s a product I just can’t live without, regarding my base, because otherwise my oily skin just eats all my makeup and it start to disappear quite quickly. It’s a real bargain product, at around £8, considering it’s quality and how effective it is as an initial base for all your makeup.

Powder is never something I’ve been necessarily attached to, and I don’t really have a favourite one. However, this one also from the L’Oréal collection has worked wonders for my skin. It’s a really great shade and works with any foundation I pair it with, it feels lovely on the skin and not too thick or powdery and just creates a nice finish to my foundation. I’ve had this product for so long now, and can’t even remember how my makeup looked without it.

The foundation is also really great and is the perfect choice for an evening out, especially due to the fact it’s really long wearing and has no SPF in it. This means there’s no horrible flash back on any selfies you take, or a pale white face in photo’s. Its quite a heavy duty foundation and has really high coverage, however its still really comfortable to wear on the skin and is perfectly made to suit oily skin. The entire range really works for oily skin, unlike others on the high-street beauty market, and all the products provide great quality, for the amount of money you’re paying. You can check out all about the range HERE.

Bourjois Healthy Mix | Foundation | N.o 51 Light Vanilla

This foundation has to be current favourite, just because of how illuminating and dewy it looks on the skin, as well as being a medium coverage and really easy to wear. You only need around a pump, to a pump and half and along with a beauty sponge, you can create a really gorgeous look to your skin. It has to be one of the best high-street foundations ‘ve ever used, because of what amazing colour shades and pay off, every foundation in the collection has, and how well it pairs with the L’Oréal primer and ultimately oily skin. It almost works along with your natural oils in your skin, and creates a great foundation, which you can wear for all occasions and can be built up to become higher coverage. This really is another high-street beauty hero, it’s a really affordable price, of around £10, and would even compare well to some more expensive, high-end foundations.

Revlon Colour Stay | Concealer | Light/ Medium

Out of all of these products, this probably has to ultimate favourite, along with the primer, as I just can’t get enough of either of them. These are the only two products in my whole makeup bag that I really love and have no desire to even change up or consider trying an alternative product. This concealer is just so perfect for my skin, as the whole colour stay range is designed with oily skin in mind. So, it works really well with your natural oils to create a really creamy, dewy and medium coverage concealer. I love how amazing the variety of shades are and how the light/medium one really suits me perfectly. It’s a real dream product, because it lasts a long time, can almost double up as a light coverage foundation, has great colour pay off and is also super affordable at only £6.99 a tube. However, this product is so hard to get hold of in shops, especially this shade, because it’s constantly out of stock everywhere; but trust me it’s worth it.

Is there any products you can recommend for oily skin, or just any of those must-try wonder products?

Rachel x


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