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 img_28041img_28051When it comes to discussing the topics that feature most on this blog, clothes have to come first place. However, I often think that I don’t give accessories the credit they deserve as really they are the most versatile key pieces of any outfit. They are able to completely transform a look, from day to night, casual to dressy or even to make it a bit more you. I think you could as far to say that they define your style, as they’re the pieces you wear again and again, with a variety of different outfit combinations. So, to make sure that I give credit, where credit’s due, I’m going to be sharing my 4 essential autumn/winter accessories, with you all. The items I’m really loving at the minute and that I couldn’t live without, during these chilly winter days.

A Great Pair Of Boots | DKNY

As I mentioned in my little autumn haul, which you can read HERE, a great pair of boots are a real essential at this time of the year. They are probably the only style of shoes you will be wearing on your feet, and it’s so important that you have a pair that’s super comfortable as well as being really stylish. This designer pair, which I actually got in New York for a really discounted price, are the perfect pair! They’re a gorgeous stone grey, that goes with so many different outfits and colour combinations, they’re a really chic pointed style, that elongate my legs and have the perfect size heel. However, what ever colour, style or heel height, the key is getting a pair of boots that fit perfectly with your style and that you will be able to wear, all season long.

A Stylish Hat| 

A good hat is an accessory that I really love to wear, as it starts to get colder and moves into winter. Not only does adding a really lovely hat to your own outfit, make it look super stylish and chic, it is actually really practical and keeps your head super warm. It has to one of my favourite autumn/winter accessories, after boots of course, and this year I decided to venture out into wearing bobble hats a bit more. I love the look of them on so many other people, however I’ve never quite mastered it myself. However, this gorgeous fur one, from a lovely designer in New York, is the answer to my bobble hat prayers. It’s a light grey colour, with a textured fur as the main part of the hat, and then a super soft bobble to top the whole piece off. It’s so easy to just throw on, still looks really chic and also solves many bad hair days, in an instant. It was even an essential on the plane, back from New York, due to the air conditioning being cold and there had been an Indian summer, whilst we were there.

Something Rose Gold and Sparkly | Pandora & Fossil

Rose gold jewellery is something that I’ve loved for quite a while, however since a few gorgeous Pandora rose pieces have come into my collection, I’ve been addicted to wearing it. The pieces that I have from the collection are the single daisy ring, and the thicker style with multiple daisies. I love how they add a bit of femininity and colour,within a season where there are a lot of darker colours in your wardrobe. They compliment grey, and black, and look especially lovely with burgundy/purple; meaning you can wear them with so many outfits and they’re super versatile. You can easily throw them on, for an everyday look or for a more special occasion, and they will always look gorgeous and super girly. If you’re looking for a type of jewellery to buy or wear, during this season, rose gold is bang on trend and suits a lot of different types of tastes and styles.

A Gorgeous Handbag | DKNY

If you’ve been reading my blog for a while, then you will know that I’ve had an almost life long love, and borderline obsession, with handbags. They really pull a look together, look so chic and stylish, and I always think that you have to carry all your things somehow, and it might as well be in something beautiful. This bag is the latest addition to my collection, and was a lovely gift from my mum for my 18th birthday. It’s the perfect size, as you’re able to really fill it and carry all your essentials and more, but it’s also not too big and bulky; encouraging you to fill it with lot’s of unnecessary items. I love how the bag is really structured and reminds me of one of the mini Celine bag’s.  The colour is gorgeous, it goes with anything and everything, looks great everyday and also to go out, and the grained leather ensures it wears well, whatever is thrown at it. I learnt my lesson after buying my first designer bag in a plain and non-grained leather. It doesn’t look that bad, but is a lot more prone to scrapes.

What are your essential accessories this Autumn/Winter?

Rachel x


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