7 Quirks Of New York

img_2649New York really is like no other place you’ve ever been or experienced before, and is truly unique. The constant noise of taxi horns and the mass of wondering people. The skyscraper buildings, with on average of 80-100 floors, and the continuous buzz of life right from morning to night. These are just some of the things that truly define the city. So, as it was my first time to the USA and also to New York, I thought I would share 7 interesting facts, that make the city what it truly is.

  1. There are Starbucks absolutely everywhere, on every corner of every avenue, and on nearly every floor in Macy’s as well. New Yorkers are obsessed with their daily fix of coffee and no wonder, because it’s the city that never sleeps.
  2. Everyone is very loud, proud and anything but a wallflower. American’s are super confident and can always be heard.
  3. All the food portions are massive, compared to those in the UK, and going out for breakfast at an American diner can fill you up right until dinner.
  4. New Yorkers find the English accent particularly hard to understand, but they generally love our accents and someone even commented on how relaxing and soothing our accent was, when we were there.
  5. There are yellow taxi’s everywhere. You will never walk through any avenue in New York, without seeing a yellow taxi, and you’ll always be able to get one, at any time of the day or night.
  6. Most New Yorkers walk or take the subway everywhere. They don’t generally have a car because trust me, driving in New York would be an absolute nightmare. There’s taxi’s all over the place, switching from lane to lane and constantly papping each other.
  7. New York is only 12 miles long and therefore everything is actually closer to each other than you think. The city is built in a grid system and can be navigated easily, block by block.

If you’re interested in what I actually got up to on my trip to New York, you can go and have a read of my blog post, all about it, HERE.

Rachel x


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