18 High-Street Halloween Costume Buys

18 High-Street Halloween Costume Buys- Rachelspick.png

Top to Bottom, Left to Right: Tights £8.50 | Topshop, Skeleton Jumpsuit £25.00 | MissGuided, Flower Crown £12.00 | ASOS, Playsuit £30.00 | ASOS, Choker £10.00 | Topshop Rare, Boots £49.99  | ASOS, Wings £50.00 | Topshop, Dress £35.00 | ASOS, Bunny ears £12.00 | Topshop

Halloween is just around the corner, and of course that means planning the perfect seasonal outfit. It’s the one time of the year you can really go all out creepy, spooky and altogether weird and wonderful. However, a really good Halloween costume can often break the bank, which the majority of us can’t afford. So, I’m sharing 18 Halloween costume buys, with you all, that are all available from the high-street and super affordable.

If you’re looking to add a little bit of that Halloween spirit into your outfit, but don’t want to all out, then a few spooky themed accessories are the way to go. This gorgeous pair of vailed bunny ears, from Topshop, are the perfect piece. They are really chic and sophisticated, but also add that little bit of Halloween sexiness, with the ‘bunny’ vibe. You can throw them on really quickly, add a dark lip or a good smoky eye, and instantly pass off a normal outfit for a creepy Halloween themed one. They’re only £12.00 and are a real bargain, especially as you will be able to wear them for many Halloween’s to come and they will never go out of fashion. I also really love these black feathered angel wings, from Topshop. They add the perfect amount of that ‘dark angel’ vibe, and they can be thrown on with any dress to pull the whole outfit together. They’re super versatile and could be worn with anything, by anyone, however they are a bit pricey at £50.00 and aren’t within everyone’s budget. They’re more of a splurge Halloween piece, for if your throwing a party of your own, to celebrate, or for a very special seasonal occasion. 18-high-street-halloween-costume-buys-rachelspick-2

Top to Bottom, Left to Right: Necklace £30.00 | ASOS, Tee-shirt £20.00 | River Island, Top £26.00 | River Island, Top £24.00 | River Island, Boots | ASOS , Jumper £30.00 | River Island, Boots £40.00 | River Island, Mask £8.00 | River Island, Playsuit £32.00 | River Island

Alternatively, there’s lot’s of lovely Halloween themed clothing pieces that you can use to create a more chic and feminine Halloween costume. One of my favourite pieces has to be this orange velvet playsuit, from ASOS. The bright, bold colour instantly screams Halloween and pumpkins, however it’s not the traditional black colour and adds something unique to your look. It’s really playful and girly, would look amazing paired with black and silver Halloween accessories and could even be worn for a normal night out, if orange is a colour you really like. I think it’s a great piece if you’re wanting a costume a little bit more main stream and girly, this Halloween.

On the other hand, there’s these thigh-high, black, lace up boots from ASOS. They absolutely scream Halloween and there’s no getting away from there sexy, get slightly creepy, vibe. They would look amazing paired with a playsuit or a dress and would instantly create a stylish and girly take on the gory Halloween costume. The bows on the top look really cute, and pull the look statement pair together; definitely making you stand out in the crowd.

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