10 Things Any Fashion Lover Needs To Do Right Now

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As I’m sure you’ve all worked out by now, I’m obsessed with clothes, shoes, style and just Fashion in general. I’m passionate about writing my blog and sharing all my latest fashion related buys and opinions with you all. I love visiting Fashion exhibitions and local events, and London, the fashion capital of the UK, has to be one of my favourite places EVER. There’s such a variety of amazing things to do when you love fashion, especially in the UK, and so I thought I would share 10 things that any fashion lover needs to do right now…

1. Watch ‘The Future Of Fashion’ documentary series’ over Vogue’s YouTube channel.

2.  Visit an outlet village, such as Bicester or Chester Fair Oaks, to name a few of my favourite’s.

3. Watch the film ‘Coco Before Chanel’. It documents the fashion icons life before the success of her infamous, worldwide brand.

4. Visit one of the current fashion exhibitions that are on in London. Some of my recent favourite’s have to be ‘100 Years Of Vogue’ and the exhibition of Diana’s dresses, at Kensington Palace.

5. Spend time shopping and browsing around in a Luxury department store, such as Harrods, Selfridges or Liberty’s.

6. Visit the Victoria and Albert museum. They have an array of fashion exhibitions and events on, throughout the year.

7. Have a good old reading session of your favourite fashion magazine’s, such as Vogue and Elle.

8. Go to Fashion Week, it’s actually a lot easier for the public to be able to get a seat, than you might think.

9. Start a fashion blog and share your love for fashion, with many more likeminded people on the internet.

10. Visit a designer boutique, such as Chanel or Victoria Beckham’s in London.

If you’re a fashion lover, like myself, then I hope you feel inspired to go and do some of the things on this list. If you would like to keep up with my, make sure you go and follow me on Pinterest HERE.

Rachel x


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