My Wonder Lust List


Wanderlust: A very strong or irresistible impulse to travel.

Right from a young age, when my mum and dad took me on a trip to France at just over a month old, I’ve always travelled. My family are real travellers, and have probably visited most of the gorgeous countries around the world, between them all. So, that’s what inspired me to really want to travel and see everything that the world has to offer. Experience new cultures, try amazing new foods and most of all to be able to have lifelong memories to be able to treasure and share with my own children. Even though I do really just want to travel wherever I can, there’s a few places I would really love to go back to, or particularly visit, and that’s why I thought I would share my Wonderlust list, with you all.



My parents both had a real love for France and that’s what lead us to go on so many family holidays there. It’s a place that my late dad really loved and it’s somewhere I feel particularly close to him. So, it’s a country that I know I will always travel to and I feel like it will always have a special place in my heart. Paris is such a gorgeous city, full of love, life and so much beauty. There’s so many amazing places to visit and in nearly every corner you turn there’s a story and an adventure to be had. That’s why I really want to visit again. I want to experience the real side of Paris, away from all the touristy places and be able to delve into true Parisian life; especially the super chic Parisian style. France brings me so much closer to my dad and I know he will be so proud that I’m trying to live out his passion for travel.



Greece is somewhere I’ve been wanting to visit for such a long time know. I’ve seen so many gorgeous pictures of Greece and heard some lovely stories about it, and that’s what really leads me to want to experience it for myself. The clear blue sea, the quirky cobbled streets/ village’s and the gorgeous weather; you couldn’t ask for anymore. I’d love for all the islands, however Mykanos and Santorini have to on the top of my list. They look like such lovely, relaxing places to have a holiday and I’m sure I’ll fall in love with as soon as I have my first real glimpse.

Africa & India


Africa and India are both places that I feel are a must visit, during my life. I really want to be able to experience a culture that’s so much different to mine, and make me realise just how lucky I am to have such a privileged life. In Africa, being able to see such a gorgeous part of the world and to experience the amazing wildlife so close up, is what attracts me to want to visit to much. The busy street markets, the amazing food and completely different way of living, is what I know I’m going to love about India. They’re both such life changing places to visit, that I know will impact me in such a powerful way. I really want to go and volunteer and experience the real Africa and India.

*This post is dedicated to my late dad and his true love wonderlust.

Rachel x


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    • rachelydia
      4th October 2016 / 8:01 PM

      Thank you Steph, so do I as Greece is at the top of my travelling list. ❤️