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Personally, I don’t think that you need to follow the latest trends or be really modern, to have style. It’s all about embracing what ever you like to wear, and being able to style an amazing outfit together; that’s what personal style is all about. But, how ever much we can try to get away from the trends and what the most influential designers are wanting us to wear; the catwalk affects every part of the fashion world and is inter-woven within every fashion lover’s mind.

When it comes to trends, I like to know what’s popular and current, however I’m not obsessed by them and instead I prefer to just purchase items that I love and want to wear. Whether that’s the new most in coat, or just a shirt I’m really loving the pattern of, I tailor the trends around myself and my own style. So, as a coat has to be one of the biggest purchases you can make for A/W 16, I thought I would share 3 realistic coat trends for the season. Trends that are achievable and can easily be inter-weaved into your current everyday style…

1. The Quilted Jacket| F&F | £35

Quilting has to be one of the easiest trends, to not only be able to purchase, but also to be able to wear; as long as you’re smart about it. The key to getting quilting right is knowing your proportions and the exact fit you need. Personally, when it came to buying this burgundy coat from F&F, I knew I’m traditionally a size 12, however I chose to go up a size so that I would be able to wear jumpers or a few layers underneath it, and still feel comfortable. On the other hand, you have to be really careful that a quilted jacket doesn’t drown your body and create quite a bulky shape around your upper half. Therefore, you need to try and get the best of both worlds; allowing for a bit of jumper room, but also ensuring that it’s not too big and takes over.

When it comes to styling quilted jackets, it really depends on the colour and style you have. However, the one that I have really is a bit of a more standout piece and I like to keep my outfit chic and classic to go along side it. Jeans, boots and a white tee/ shirt work really well and keep the whole outfit fairly casual, as let’s face it realistically no one can make a quilted jacket look extremely high fashion, especially when wearing it everyday. However, this is a trend that is super easy to incorporate into your wardrobe and can be worn by almost anyone.

2. The Trench Coat | Calvin Klein | £60+

The trench coat trend is one of the most chic and high fashion coat trends ever. It’s such a classic look and can be worn with any outfit; adding a sense of glamour and style. The key to nailing the trench trend is fit, quality and definitely colour. In order for the trench coat to really look amazing, it needs to just gently skim the body and flatter the waist, by the addition of a belt. It should always be able to be done up, but should also not be too big and loose.

However, finding a good quality trench is key, and really finishes the look off. My favourite ones are the traditional wipe-able polyester, or the thick cotton style; depending on what type of coat you want and when you want to wear it. The colour is so important and will either make it into a staple item in your wardrobe, that you can always reach for, or be an item you love but isn’t actually that versatile within your wardrobe. So, I would suggest either Tan, Beige/Cream or Black. They’re super neutral colours, go with everything and are really chic.

3. Boyfriend Coat | M&S | £70

This is a coat trend that has hit the fashion world by storm, over the last few seasons, as masculine tailoring meets high end feminine fashion. So, this probably has to be one of the hardest trend’s to nail and to be able to add into your current A/W 16 wardrobe. The structured, longline, tailoring can so easily overwhelm you and your outfit, therefore you need to make sure that you have a good fit and shape to your boyfriend coat. Make sure that yours is not too long, and compliments your height; petite and tall range’s are really good this and making sure that a item suits your structure. The design of the coat is also super important, and finding the right one of key; whether it’s a more simple straight cut style, or a more complex double breasted and pocked design.

When it comes to styling the boyfriend coat, it’s all about almost contrasting the style and shape of the coat. Pair it with more tight fitting items of clothing, which may still be tailored, such as a really lovely shirt/blouse and tailored peg leg trousers. On the other hand, you could compliment the style of the coat and pair it with a pair of loose fitting boyfriend ripped jeans and a baggy V-neck tee. The key is to decide what style you want to channel and that will compliment with your wardrobe , and the boyfriend coat will be your best friend.

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Rachel x


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