My Style Struggles


When it comes to shopping for clothes, we all have our certain struggles with finding our latest new purchase. One of the main causes of my style struggles, has to be my height, because I’m basically a giant in terms of how tall women generally are. Being around 5ft 11 means that everything is long, including my legs, body and arms, and I’ve even got big feet just to top it all off. So, my struggles are mainly down to my height, but I’m also an example of those small boobed girls out there, who have almost nothing and just have to use it to our advantage.


Being tall when your a woman definitely has it’s advantages, don’t get me wrong. You always look tall and semi-elegant, you tower above nearly all women and a quite a few men too, which some do find quite intimidating, and you often get the suggestions that you ought to be a model. Which to be honest is my personal favourite one. However, when it comes to buying clothes, it’s almost anything but fun.

Playsuits have to be my number 1 struggle, because they’re never quite right. They’re normally not long enough in the body and you end up with a wedgie, where you don’t want one, or you can barely move or sit down, because it just about fits. Then there’s skirts, you have to get used to the fact that every short skirt is going to be even shorter on you, and will usually just skim the bum cheeks. Tights are always a must, and make sure you don’t bend over too far.

Talking about tights, they’re another nightmare for me. I have to always buy the biggest size the shop have, which is normally an XL, just because my legs are so long and no one likes a sagging gusset. That has to be one of the most uncomfortable things ever! Also jeans are another style struggle of mine, because they’re never quite right. I have to make sure I get the perfect leg length, which I’ve only just worked out is 31 inches, so that they are long enough and I don’t have to much ankle on display, but I also have to check they fit nicely around the ankle and aren’t too big and stick out at the side. I know it seems crazy but it really does happen to me; maybe its just my big feet stretching out the leg holes.

Then there’s the fact that I also have small boobs. This isn’t such an issue, but still brings a few struggles when it comes to choosing what clothes I can wear. Mainly, I generally don’t choose any type of dress or top that has a wrap over design on the boobs, or needs a good bit of cleavage. Let’s face it cleavage is never going to happen for me, so it’s always better to just avoid anything that might need it. Also, this creates problems when you’re trying to buy a bikini. The majority of bikini’s have the traditional triangle style top, however when you have small boobs they aren’t really that flattering, in my opinion. They look much better when you have bigger boobs and can fill the top out more. Otherwise if you have small boobs, you can easily look 13 all over again.

I hope you can relate to some of these problems and it would be great if you could tweet me or comment your style struggles too.

Rachel x


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