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As I mentioned in my previous Autumn Style Inspiration post, Autumn has to be my ultimate favourite season for fashion. I’m just all about layering up, pulling on a really good pair of boots and heading out into a chilling morning, in your brand new coat. I’m just so over summer now, with it’s long, hot, sticky days, and I’m dreaming of the weather getting colder and being able to style up lot’s of seasonal appropriate outfits. So as I’ve already started my autumn/winter shopping, in preparation for those colder days, I thought I would share 3 of my autumn fashion buys, with you all.

Mulberry Winter Coat | F&F at Tesco | £35

This has to be one of my favourite autumn buys so far this year, just because of how beautiful this coat is. I’m not normally a person to go for comfort and practicality, over style, just because I’m always choosing coats that look super stylish and that ooze that ideal autumn style. However, in reality it’s just not happening when you live in England and it rains for 85% of the days, in Autumn and winter.

So, this coat seems like the perfect one to fit both categories. It’s really similar to one I saw in Zara for £85, but as they didn’t have my size, this one actually turned out to be a much nicer and cheaper option. I absolutely love the mix of the mulberry colour of the coat with the camel fur, to create a really chic but also super warm coat. It has all the practical elements I’m going to need: a hood, pockets and it’s really warm, but also has a bit of a chic eschimo vibe, which I love. It was a bargain at £35, and F&F is definitely a place I would recommend, if you’re looking for a good winter coat.

Cream Peplum Jumper | French Connection | £20

This was my first ever autumn/winter 16 buy, and ever since it’s become a resident in my wardrobe, I’ve been dying to wear it. What’s different about this jumper is that it’s not too thick and actually looks chic and sophisticated, without giving you that shape-less winter jumper look. The cream colour has a Chanel vibe, and the peplum at the bottom adds femininity, shape and also adds something really unique to it’s whole look.

I don’t usually shop in French connection, just because I don’t have any shops near where I live and I’ve never really had a massive desire to want to shop from there. However, this buy was from one of their outlet store’s, and I have to say that I’m super impressed with it so far. It’s really lightweight, for a jumper, has a good shape and a good fit. Only the test of time will show how well made it really is. However, I really love this jumper, it’s so my style and I know i’m going to get loads of wear out of it this autumn/winter.

Grey Short Chelsea Boots | New Look £19.99

Having a really good pair of boots in your autumn/winter wardrobe, is a true essential. They get you through endless rainy autumnal days, keep your feet super warm and cosy, and also look super chic and stylish. All of last winter I was looking for a really lovely pair of grey boots. I wanted something a bit different to the traditional black and sometimes brown. So when I found these in New Look, for a bargain at £19.99, I knew I needed them in my life.

What I really like about these is that they look stylish without having a massive high heel. A lot of pairs, actually all my pairs of boots, have some form of heel. They look really good, make me look like I have legs for days, and look great paired with an autumn skirt or dress, but aren’t always that comfortable. So, this pair will be great for those longer winter days, when I’m going for a cold autumn walk or when I’m just not feeling towering above everyone. I’ve not actually worn these yet, because it’s not been cold enough, but I can’t wait until it gets a bit more chilly, to pair all of these items together.

Rachel x


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  1. 11th September 2016 / 7:56 PM

    Really like the jumper and boots! I agree, a good pair of boots is definitely essential for the next two seasons! I have a huge autumn wishlist on my blog, if you’re interested in checking it out 🙂


    • rachelydia
      14th September 2016 / 12:20 PM

      Exactly, you can’t survive Autumn and winter without a really good pair of boots. They go with everything and never come off your feet! Sounds good, I will check it out X