10 Ways To Gain Blogging Inspiration


1. Get on Pinterest– When it comes to looking for any type of inspiration, Pinterest is the place to go. It’s full of gorgeous images, for all matter of different occasions, which are bound to get your creative juices flowing. You could even write a post sharing some of your favourite pins or talk about your Pinterest boards.

2. Do something spontaneous – The real burden of blogging inspiration has to be routine, and so go and do something spontaneous, to really break that habit. Hopefully this should help you break out of your blogging box and feel inspired by being in a new place and doing something different. You could even take your camera with you, and make a blog post all about your spontaneous day.

3. Your favourite online creators- The best way I find to gain a bit of blogging inspiration is to go and watch, or read, some of your favourite online creators content. This is what first made you love blogging and they create content you love to read, and so this should spur your love for blogging to return, and even give you a few post ideas as well.

4. Get away from the internet- Spend some time away from the internet,  in order to truly reflect on your blog and where you want to go with it. It should help you to re-focus on yourself and your own content, and not be obsessed with comparing yourself to other bloggers and their success.

5. Switch up your blog design- I personally think there’s nothing more inspiring for your blog than changing up it’s design. I’m obsessed with having a Pinterest worthy blog, and so nothing makes me more motivated than to create amazing content, than when my blog is looking at it’s best. Try investing in a new blog theme from Pipdig, or just trying out a bit of HTML on your blog’s sidebar.

6. Grab a magazine- Magazine’s have to be the nearest things to blog’s and were probably what inspired a lot of people to starting writing one. So why don’t you go back to your blogging roots and have a good read of some of your favourite magazine’s. This always gives me so much inspiration for blogging in general, and also gives me lots of ideas for future blog posts.

7. Talk to friends & family- I always think that you can never under estimate the power of help from your friends and family, and they can actually help you out with almost anything in your life. So ask them about your blog, what content they would like to see on it and read themselves. They might have some ideas you’ve never even thought about.

8. Look back- Go on your blog and look back on some of your favourite posts and think about the times when you were on a really good run with blogging. You could even look back at past blog posts, which you maybe don’t like anymore or that you could re-invent and add to again now.

9. Reflect on what you want- Reflect on your blog, which direction you want it to go down and what you want out of it. This should help you re-focus why you blog and help you to nail down some content that you feel inspired by, and want to write.

10. It’s all about you- You blog is a reflection of yourself, your hopes & dreams, fears and down falls, loves and everything in between; so make sure you love your blog and would like to read it. Think about the content you like to read and make sure you’re content and blog just SCREAM YOU.

Rachel x


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