#SS | The Struggles Of Summer Coming To An End

The Struggles Of Summer Coming To An End.pngAs it’s now nearly the end of august and the last bits of summer are starting to slowly fade away, I thought I would talk about the struggles we all face at this time of year. Whether that’s the holiday blues, the fact that we have to go back to school/college or just that Autumn and winter are on their way. We all secretly hate it when the summer holidays are over and when there is nothing to look forward to, other than those colder winter days.

The Holiday Blues

Having the holiday blues has to be one the biggest struggles, as summer is coming to end. We’ve all had that holiday that we’ve been waiting for all year, and when it finally comes we enjoy every second of it, to the point that we never want to leave. So when we eventually head back home, all we have is wishes to be there again and the pure hate to having to go back to day to day life. It’s something that happens to everyone and especially when you’re having a great time with your family/friends, enjoying the gorgeous weather and having a relax and de-stress from anything work, school or just life related.

So, if you’re having a case of the holiday blues, then I suggest that you get planning and start thinking about the next place you’d really love to visit and experience. You don’t necessarily have to book another holiday, but just starting to think about it and looking around at a few places you would like to go. This will make those holiday blues a hell of a lot better. Also, try to make plans with friends and family, for the first few weeks after you get back. This gives you something to look forward to after your holiday and something fun to plan towards. For me, now summer is nearly over, I’m all about my 18th birthday and being able to finally become an adult.

What Do I Wear?

As summer comes to an end, the start of this very awkward seasonal transition starts, which makes it super hard to decide what to wear. There’s often times when September is just as hot as July or August, in the UK, but then there’s also times when it’s constantly raining and autumn has already set in. So it creates a question of what clothes are best for this weird mixture of weather, and the answer is there isn’t any.  You just have to go with it. Make sure you always take a jumper or a jacket with you, in case it rains and an umbrella is an essential in your handbag.  Sometimes it’s going to be a summer dress and sandals sort of day, and sometimes it’s going to a jumper and boots sort of day, just be prepared for both and know that you may go through a bit of a weird dressing stage, at the minute.

Goodbye Summer, Hello Education

As I’m sure many of you can relate to, as summer starts to draw to a close and the august bank holiday hits, it only means one thing and that’s back to school. I think this has to be one of the worst times of the school year, because you’re still stuck in holiday mode. You’re used to getting up whenever you want, doing whatever you want and mostly eating whatever you want, and it’s not going to last for much longer. Here come the early mornings, full days of lessons and the mountains of irritating people that you see at school.

Personally, the only thing that get’s me through the whole first half term is just counting down the days until the weekend and most importantly half term. Just time when you can get away from the hell hole of school and just be free in life. Also, there’s so many good seasonal things to come, such as Halloween, bonfire night and also christmas, so I always think about them and pray that the first term, which is also the longest, will fly by.

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