#SS5 | The Sterotypical ‘Perfect Summer Body’& Body Confidence Tips

bodies-800.jpgThe majority of the time I use rachelspick to talk about more light hearted matters, such as Fashion and personal style, however sometimes I feel like these material topics are just not enough. There are so many deeper and more meaningful things out there to be discussed and I feel like I owe it, to all of my fellow women, to discuss some of these things.

Body Confidence Quotes 2The controversial idea of ‘the perfect summer body’ is shaming so many young girls and women all across the world, as we become more and more addicted to the idea of having the stereotypical ‘perfect’ summer body; which is actually never going to happen. Within the world, this country and even your family and friends there will be a variety of women which are all completely different. There will be petite women, tall women, someone who is a size 18 and someone who is a size 8, and how can you possibly categorise all these different body types under one ‘perfect’ stereotype. The answer is that you can’t and it’s a completely un-realistic and un-achievable idea.

How do the media expect women to love themselves and their bodies if they’re constantly getting bombarded with ‘perfect’ images, which are nothing like a real woman’s body. These images and the ‘perfect summer body’ are in fact not real, and I suppose you could say they are the fiction of the body shape world. They’ve been created, thought up and ultimately they have been tweaked for your own enjoyment. The idea that there should even be a ‘perfect summer body’ in itself is completely wrong, and should never have even been created. Women are all different shapes and sizes, have faced different battles and have completely different genes; making them who they are.

Personally, I think it’s so important for young women to realise the tricks the media play and that they no longer need to shame their bodies. There is actually no such thing as ‘perfect’ and all women have their body ideal which they aspire to and want to achieve. There’s nothing wrong with having goals and ambitions with your body, however you need to realise that no one will ever be perfect and that if you’re a lovely curvy women then you will never be really skinny and have a boyfriend figure. Some things are just not possible, and that ‘perfect summer body’ is one of them.

Real women have curves, lumps, bumps, stretch marks, rolls, fat where they might not necessarily want it and have things they don’t like about their body. When I was younger I suffered, for a long time, with the large amount of stretch marks and the fact that they had appeared on my body at such a young age. They used to get me down and put me off wearing certain things. However, as I’ve grown up and they’ve started to fade, I’ve realised that a lot of women have them and that my body is never going to be perfect. But more than anything, I don’t want it to be. I’m really trying to embrace my body, the skin that I’m in and love every part of myself; as it’s the only body I’m going to get.

Body Confidence Tips

  1. Body Confidence QuotesDon’t avoid looking in the mirror, always try to look in the mirror everyday and really get familiar with your body. If you know what your body actually looks like over what you think it looks like, it will help you to accept it so much more.
  2. Comparing yourself to others is never a good move. Everyone is different and there is no way that you will ever be like that person. So admire their beauty but don’t de-grade yours.
  3. Make a list of things you like your body and always try to focus on those things. Eventually the bad elements should not seem as bad to you and you will always have things you truly love about your body,
  4. Know about clothing styles and shapes which suit you. In order to feel super body confident, try to stick to these and you will know they will always look gorgeous on you.
  5. Realise that the stereotypical ‘perfect summer body’ is not real and pretty un-realistic. Try to aspire towards someone you know, who has the body you would like to have, over a celebrity or a picture portrayed by the media. This body will be much more achievable.
  6. Always try to love yourself and your body. It’s the only one you will ever get, so treat it well and don’t shame it. It really get’s you no where, other than lowering your self confidence.
  7. Have fun with your body and embrace YOU!

I hope you’ve enjoyed reading this slightly different and deeper style of post. I thought it was a topic that really had be discussed during a #SummerSpecial series, just because of how popular the subject constantly is at this time of year. If you’ve loved reading this post, then you can go and catch up with the rest of #SummerSpecial series HERE.

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